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Dec 31, 2021 - This Is MY Promise To This World

Listen to This First... then read inside

Written by Ed McCurdy And Recorded By Simon & Grafunkel On March 17th, 1964.

Last Night I had the Strangest Dream....


Jan 15, 2021 - Donating to AH

AH is currently seeking donations to cover our monthly expenses.  When we notice the account dipping below our expenses - it is time for someone to post our needs.  It is now time to post as we are currently running critically low - to the point of possible loss of server access, and postings.

Reminder - There are NO paid advertisements anywhere on this site. No paid ads on the articles, forums (including the new TIU forum), anywhere. This is by request from CM - this is a FREE site that is funded 100% by those who do so freely. There are no strings or special programs. We could add banner advertising, search engine ads, special forum access and many other ways to monetize this. We have been instructed with a simple one-word - NO.

If anyone thinks we should monetize someway feel free to ask above and let us know how that goes. For those who step up and help - thank you. For those who choose not too - thank you as well as, at least you have made a free-will choice. All a learning exercise.


We are close to the finish line and need financial help to cross it.  Thank you

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** once donations reach the appropriate amount, this message will be adjusted **

Political Information
Dec 7, 2020 - Putin Expels the Families

The Ister: So Putin has declared war on the most powerful people on the planet.

Ron: The reason that Putin has declared war on the most powerful people on the planet, ie the Rothschilds, global Jewry and their covert demonic controllers, is obvious when you know the history of Russia and the Soviet Union.

This article outlines some of the corrupt machinations that caused the socio-economic collapse of Russia following the treacherous sell-out of the Christian controlled Soviet Union in 1990 by Mikhail Gorbachev.

The Soviet Union under Brezhnev was returning to Christianity. Brezhnev and other Christian Russians finally ousted the Jewish Bolshevicks from the Kremlin in the 1970s and so they became the 'ruling elite', with the Bolshevik jews fleeing to the US. See eg: Dr. Peter David Beter - Audio Letter No. 26 ff - http://www.peterdavidbeter.com/docs/all/dbal26.html Thereafter Christians Russians steadily unwound the Soviet Union's demonic Talmudic anti-Christian Bolshevik policies, encouraging the Orthodox religion and humanising governance arrangements. Putin knows the truth because he followed in the footsteps of Yuri Andropov and Yevgeny Primakov and the Christians who gradually transforming Bolshevik Communism into a form of Christian socialism throughout the 1970s and 1980s while Bolsheviks fled to the US, killing and replacing the Rockefeller Brothers and ousting and replacing much of their US control apparatus. The result is the Talmudic US Deep State you see today. The Bolsheviks have built upon the dumbed down Rockefeller education and nefarious military industrial cum secret service complex to surreptitiously create the ghastly Bolshevik regime in evidence in the US prior to the election of President Trump.

Christian Russia would have flourished before Putin came to power except for the unfortunate illness and death of Brezhnev, Yuri Andropov and Konstantin Chernenko in the early 1980s.  Those deaths led to the election of  Mikhail Gorbachev in March 1985 and Gorbachev proved susceptable to Talmudic liberal bribery and  propaganda. As a result he treasonously sold out the Russian nation to Judaic Deep State influences as the Russian elite did in 1917.

By 1991 the KGB had been under Russian Christian control for 15 years and had looong since eschewed the bloody methods of the OGPU, NKVD and KGB during the Bolshevik Jew controlled Soviet era. As a consequence of Gorbachev's treachery and Boris Yeltsin's  stupidity and alcoholic weakness, Wall Street financed Jewish oligarchs were able to loot and destroy the new Russian nation causing much misery and over seven million famine related deaths in the 1990s before Putin and Primakov were able to regain control of Russia for the benefit of Russians after Putin became President in 2000. See eg: Russia - Enemy Within: Declassified U.S. Documents Show Russian Oligarchs Supported NATO Expansion - http://abundanthope.net/pages/Political_Information_43/Russia---Enemy-Within-Declassified-U-S-Documents-Show-Russian-Oligarchs-Supported-NATO-Expansion.shtml

David Crayford and the ITC



Dec 5, 2020 - World peace - 3 Seraphin books

Dear Readers: whenever I am asked what I want for Christmas my answer is always WORLD PEACE. But how can this be achieved? I would like again to share with you my enthusiasm for three Seraphin-inspired books which can bring peace and personal serenity to YOU, AND THUS TO THE WORLD. Wishing you a serene, peaceful and joyful festive season. Love Rosie

1. The book THE WORLD WILL BECOME PEACEFUL, BEAUTIFUL AND ABUNDANT contains 150 methods to improve our world https://www.amazon.de/World-become-Peaceful-Beautiful-Abundant/dp/3751920668

2. The book THE PEACE PARABLES contains 56 visions which entertain and enlighten us. https://www.amazon.de/Peace-Parables-became-other-stories/dp/3750441510/

3. The book SERAPHIN’S SPIRITUALITY SCHOOL teaches us how to best navigate this period of transition to a peaceful world.

True US History
Dec 4, 2020 - Michele Flournoy Might be Breaking a Glass Ceiling as Pentagon Chief, but Even Feminists Aren’t Buying

Helen Buyniski: As Trump finally began to implement his long-delayed promise of pulling US troops out of Afghanistan, articles bemoaning the sure-to-be-horrific fate of Afghan women without US soldiers around to rape - er, help them, have mushroomed across the media establishment.

Ron: For an indication of the effects of the US assault on Afghanistan and its women over the last 40 years see eg: A long-forgotten CIA Document from WikiLeaks Sheds Critical Light on Today's US Politics and Wars - http://abundanthope.net/pages/Political_Information_43/A-long-forgotten-CIA-Document-from-WikiLeaks-Sheds-Critical-Light-on-Today-s-US-Politics-and-Wars.shtml

And: The Exposure of Australian War Crimes in Afghanistan Raises Questions the Politicians are Still Reluctant to Facehttp://abundanthope.net/pages/Political_Information_43/The-Exposure-of-Australian-War-Crimes-in-Afghanistan-Raises-Questions-the-Politicians-are-Still-Reluctant-to-Face.shtml

Dec 4, 2020 - Seraphin Message 434: BREAKING INTO A RUN

"YOU MUST KEEP GOING, ONE STEP AT A TIME, with concentration and dedication to the cause, which is of course the WILL OF THE DIVINE, and which is of course to bring about BALANCE AND SERENITY THROUGH YOUR BEHAVIOUR. If you fall into desperation, how can you be effective? If you look away, how can you reasonably assess what is in front of you? And if you fear, how can you lead the “sheep” into the fold? Do you even know where the fold is, or what will comfort those who suffer? Develop your personal strategies, Beloveds, for you will be “on call”, and there will be enough who need your help. Seraphin" (More inside)

Political Information
Dec 4, 2020 - Holocaust Museum Head Explains How The Complete Lack of Physical Evidence Of The Holocaust Is Proof It Happened

Ron: The genocide in Germany was OF Germans not Jews. There was NO genocide of Jews by Germany during WWII. See eg: HOLOCAUST DEPROGRAMMING COURSE II - http://abundanthope.net/pages/Political_Information_43/HOLOCAUST-DEPROGRAMMING-COURSE-II.shtml



'For years, Jews have told people around the world that six million of them were systematically murdered in German "Concentration Camps" during World War 2. Anyone disputing this claim has been viciously smeared as a hateful anti-Semite. Countries around the world have even jailed people for disputing the claim that 6 Million were killed.

Here now, for all the world to see, is a scanned image of an Official International Red Cross document proving the so-called "Holocaust" never happened. Jews around the world intentionally lied for the purpose of gaining emotional and business advantages for themselves. They committed willful, criminal FRAUD upon millions around the world!

"The Holocaust" is the greatest lie ever told. Millions of dollars have been paid out to "holocaust survivors" and their descendants for something that DID NOT HAPPEN. THis is intentional, criminal fraud on a scale so massive as to almost incomprehensible.

Below is the scanned image of the Official Death Total report from the International Red Cross.


Ron: Global Jewry used the UK, France, Poland and the US to create WWII and organised 58 nations to attack Germany.  Global Jewry declared war on Germany and sought to starve the German nation in 1933.

The actual start of the Second World War, according to uncensored history, did not occur on September 1st, 1939 with the invasion by the Germans into Poland, but rather, on the 24th of March1933, when the first of the following 58 declarations of war against Germany commenced. Indeed, the very first worldwide declaration of war was the one published in the British Daily Express of the 24th March, 1933.  And here now the complete historical list of all of the declarations of war against Germany during the 2nd World War, 1939-1945.

58 Declarations of War against Germany:

* 1.) March 24, 1933 “The Jews declare war on Germany (in the British newspaper 'Daily Express': "Judea Declares was on Germany“ This was the first of three Jewish declarations of war, which obviously were not directed against any "Nazis", but against the whole of Germany! These facts are always hidden and censored in public histories.
2) September 1, 1939 “ Poland declares war on Germany
3) September 3, 1939 “ Britain declares war on Germany
4) September 3, 1939 “ Australia declared war on Germany
5.) September 3, 1939 “ New Zealand.
6) September 3, 1939 “ France
7) September 6, 1939 “ Union of South Africa
8) September 10, 1939 “ Canada
9) April 9, 1940 “ Norway declared war on Germany
10) April 9, 1940 “ Denmark
11) May 10, 1940 “ the Netherlands
12.) May 10, 1940 “ Belgium
13.) May 10, 1940 “ Luxembourg
14.) April 6, 1941 “ Yugoslavia declared war on Germany
15) April 6 1941 “ Greece ¦
Plus some 35 others. Has anything comparable ever happened?

Reference: Political repression and militarization of Poland - http://abundanthope.net/pages/Political_Information_43/Political-repression-and-militarization-of-Poland.shtml

Has there ever been, in the course of human history, a situation in which over 50 nations declared war upon one, and then afterwards, declared that the loser was the one that was solely responsible? Until today, 2020, Germany has still been denied the usual formal peace treaties by 53 of these countries. Are we to believe that this is a very normal process of war and peace? Germany is therefore still an occupied country. That is, a country without its own sovereignty. That fact is even confirmed by the Federal Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble who said in an interview found on YouTube: Since 1945, Germany has no sovereignty.  Source: (https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=fvwp&NR=1&v=jMtdWnjrQv8) (at about 7 min.).

See also: The Federal Republic of Germany, A Rothschildian Financial Agency - http://abundanthope.net/pages/Political_Information_43/The-Federal-Republic-of-Germany-A-Rothschildian-Financial-Agency.shtml

West German Justice and So-Called National Socialist Violent Crimes. See: http://abundanthope.net/pages/Political_Information_43/West-German-Justice-and-So-Called-National-Socialist-Violent-Crimes.shtml

Two days prior to the enactment of the German constitution on 23 May 1949, a Secret Treaty (Geheimer Staatsvertrag) was signed, which gave complete Allied control over electronic and print media, film, culture and education until the year 2099. - http://nsnbc.me/2014/07/11/germany-expels-u-s-spy-chief-opens-geopolitical-can-of-worms/

Germany Still In Juridicial Limbo. See: http://abundanthope.net/pages/Political_Information_43/Germany-Still-In-Juridicial-Limbo.shtml

Churchill was a paid Jewish agent who created WWII and needed to conceal the war crimes he and 'Bomber' Harris committed using Bomber Command to fire bomb 60 Germany cities killing and maiming millions of German civilians. See eg:

Winston Churchill Was the Banksters' Go'fe.- http://abundanthope.net/pages/Political_Information_43/Winston-Churchill-Was-the-Bankers-Go-fer.shtml

Churchill And Hitler...And History. See: http://abundanthope.net/pages/Political_Information_43/Churchill-And-Hitler-And-History.shtml

England Instigated World War Two. See: http://abundanthope.net/pages/Political_Information_43/England-Instigated-World-War-Two.shtml

Dirty Little Secrets Of WWII The Hidden, Awkward Origins Of World War 2 - http://abundanthope.net/pages/True_US_History_108/Dirty-Little-Secrets-Of-WWII-The-Hidden-Awkward-Origins-Of-World-War-2.shtml

There was no need for World War II - http://abundanthope.net/pages/Political_Information_43/There-Was-No-Need-For-World-War-II.shtml

The pilots of Bomber Command cannot be called heroes - http://abundanthope.net/pages/Political_Information_43/The-pilots-of-Bomber-Command-cannot-be-called-heroes.shtml

Holocaust: Dresden, 13 February 1945 - http://abundanthope.net/pages/True_US_History_108/A-Real-Holocaust-Dresden-13-February-1945.shtml

The British used allegations of Soviet atrocities to conceal the real motives of their Talmudic masters in order to justify promulgation of the Holocaust narrative to hide their guilt and that of their Judaic masters. See eg: British Ministry of Truth Said in 1944 That the Holocaust Must be Created to Distract from USSR Massacres. - http://abundanthope.net/pages/Political_Information_43/British-Ministry-of-Truth-Said-in-1944-That-the-Holocaust-Must-be-Created-to-Distract-from-USSR-Massacres.shtml

After WWII the Jew controlled Allied military under Eisenhower genocided about 12 million ethnic German POWs and civilians and so it became imperative to both conceal and justify that world shattering 'crime against humanity' with the egregous Jewish Blood Libel of the German nation known as "The Holocaust". See eg: The Zionist Destruction of Germany - http://abundanthope.net/pages/Political_Information_43/The-Zionist-Destruction-of-Germany.shtml

Documentary: Eisenhower's Rhine Meadows Death Camps  A Deliberate Policy of Extermination - http://abundanthope.net/pages/Political_Information_43/Documentary-Eisenhower-s-Rhine-Meadows-Death-Camps-A-Deliberate-Policy-of-Extermination.shtml

Eisenhower's Death Camps The Last Dirty Secret of World War Two - http://abundanthope.net/pages/Political_Information_43/Eisenhower-s-Death-Camps-The-Last-Dirty-Secret-of-World-War-Two.shtml

German Victims: How the Allied Victors of WWII Tortured and Killed their German Prisoners of War (Part 2 of 2) - http://abundanthope.net/pages/Political_Information_43/German-Victims-How-the-Allied-Victors-of-WWII-Tortured-and-Killed-their-German-Prisoners-of-War-Part-2-of-2.shtml

Torture and Testicle Crushing at Nuremberg - http://abundanthope.net/pages/Political_Information_43/Torture-and-Testicle-Crushing-at-Nuremberg.shtml

GRUESOME HARVEST The Costly Attempt To Exterminate The People of Germany - http://abundanthope.net/pages/Political_Information_43/GRUESOME-HARVEST-The-Costly-Attempt-To-Exterminate-The-People-of-Germany.shtml

Documentary: Eisenhower's Rhine Meadows Death Camps  A Deliberate Policy of Extermination - http://abundanthope.net/pages/Political_Information_43/Documentary-Eisenhower-s-Rhine-Meadows-Death-Camps-A-Deliberate-Policy-of-Extermination.shtml

IF anyone wonders WHY our world is such an impoverished, war mongering dystopia today they need only reflect upon HOW and WHY the "civilised" Western world has  denied the Talmudic genocide of 20 million ethnic Germans between 1939 and 1951 and the Bolshevik Jews' genocide of 66 million Russians and 10 million Ukrainians between 1917 to1953. Pretending those crimes never happened and that the HoloHoax did, and that the German nation was responsible for it and for WWII, is a major reason our world is on the brink of disaster today.

Is it any wonder that gullible gentiles accept imprisonment in their homes and the destruction of their human lifestyles, life prospects and economic survival based on the FAUX COVID-19 scamdemic when they have accepted enslavement under the HoloHoax and fraudulent Jewish money creation, usurious banking and income taxation for 75 years and more? The COVID plandemic has merely added a  mandatory public muzzle to accompany the mind blindfold willingly assumed by most humans on this planet all their lives.

The joke on those who refuse to think about these matters because of FEAR of Talmudic retaliation and 'death' will ironicailly find that they have thrown away their chance to continue with Gaia on her journey into light and life.

True US History
Dec 2, 2020 - Traditional Values and Historical Context are Dead, Narrative Control and Cancel Culture are The New Normal

Mitchel Feierstein: The media and government's public/private partnership provides propaganda and disinformation that is designed to smear and cancel those who oppose their agenda of globalism. Their use of critical race theory places everything under a lens by focusing on immutable characteristics. Everyone is categorised as either victim or abuser. This [Ron: Talmudically created] ideology brings into sharp relief identity politics and the principles of wokeness.

Ron: Ask yourself. HOW could this situation arise UNLESS the plutocratic bankster and corporatist elite WANT it to happen? Then ask yourself: WHO are the actual controllers and manipulators of the WOKE mobs? For the answer see END NOTE 1. When you've done that, PRAY that President Trump and his administration will swiftly eliminate the Federal Reserve System and usurious banking because THAT is the source of the funding of LGBTQism and gender fluidity education etc; and hence the source of the problem. People don't just suddenly decide that men are women, boys are girls and sodomy are worth publicly celebrating UNLESS they are 'useful idiots' encouraged and funded to believe and act out such nonsense.

Mitchel Feierstein: Only [Ron: demonised Talmudic] humanity can create such a polarised world filled with hate, division, betrayal and permanent wars between countries and tribes, making unity impossible. Political advocates now masquerade as journalists, and these activists create their facts and tell people what to think.

Ron: I disagree. Most visible political and journalistic activists are Talmudic puppets who are told what to think and what to do by their hidden Talmudic masters. For instance every day at around 4 am the MSM receives instructions on what to report on; and given specific talking points to flesh out the Talmudic narrative for that day. DITTO re political puppets. THAT is why buzz words and phrases like "whe're all in this together" (although commanded to stay six feet apart or isolated and incarcerated in homes) and "Build Back Better" etc, suddenly appear everywhere in the media, the internet and in political speak.

Mitchel Feierstein: Twitter, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and YouTube instil fear and exploit weaknesses that amplify tribalism and facilitate mob rule while censoring those who speak truth to power.

Ron: This Talmudic 'divide and conquer' mechanism has been used since time immemorial.

Mitchel Feierstein: Lies are packaged as truth and repeated until narrative control is maintained. The [Ron: demonically controlled] oligarchs of Silicon Valley expect obedience from the population and activate their toxic activist partners to disseminate the same disinformation and propaganda narratives. Narrative control is achieved through the manipulation of the masses' existing biases, prejudices and opinions by [Ron: Talmudically manpulated useful idiot] ideological zealots. These [Ron: Talmudically organised, controlled and controlled*] zealots then implant their worldview of globalism based on identity politics, incorporating virtue signalling and the principles of wokeness.

*For instance the Jews' COUP mislabelled as the Russian Revolution was ramrodded by Trotsky and a contingent of 300 Bolshevik Jews from New York, well funded by Wall Street, See eg: THE AMERICAN RED CROSS MISSION IN RUSSIA — 1917 - http://abundanthope.net/pages/True_US_History_108/THE-AMERICAN-RED-CROSS-MISSION-IN-RUSSIA-1917.shtml

It is now time to shut-up and obey as Covid-19 diverts attention from the most significant economic plunder, redistribution of wealth and financial reset in history. When media awards are traded for deceit the media have become the enemy of the people.

[Ron: The MSM has always been the enemy of the people because it is controlled by Talmudic plutocrats.].


Rothschilds' banksters and their Masonic operatives were active in the US colonies even before the War of Independance (see eg: Donald Trump Gets an Earful After Saying US-Italy Ties Go Back to Ancient Rome -http://abundanthope.net/pages/True_US_History_108/Donald-Trump-Gets-an-Earful-After-Saying-US-Italy-Ties-Go-Back-to-Ancient-Rome.shtml )  Their influence steadily increased during the 18th Century as the attempted assassination of President Andrew Jackson and the actual assassination of Abraham Lincoln attests. And of course Rothschilds' banksters caused the so-called American Cvil War, funding both sides. See eg: True causes of the Uncivil War: Understanding the Morrill Tariff - http://abundanthope.net/pages/True_US_History_108/True-causes-of-the-Uncivil-War-Understanding-the-Morrill-Tariff.shtml

Dr Peter Beter said:

'Thus little known ties began developing after the Civil War between the Rockefellers, the Morgans, and the Carnegies of America and the Rothschilds and
other power brokers of Europe and the world. Shortly before the Spanish-American War, a quiet revolution took place in American foreign policy--thanks to these secret international connections. Washington's dream for America was exchanged for the nightmare of Machiavellian politics. Soon the Spanish-American War was on, brought about by the deliberate sacrificing of American lives in the explosion of the Battleship Maine. The fact that Spain had been genuinely trying to avoid a war, made no difference...
Most Americans were too pleased with America's new prestige to worry about the immorality of what we had done. And with that, 80 years ago the American people began to sell their soul.' (Audio Letter No. 26. - http://www.peterdavidbeter.com/docs/all/dbal26.html).

The solidification of the nucleus of the Deep State was probably accomplished by John D. Rockefeller (in tandem with Andrew Carnegie) in the late 19th century when, after being initially funded by the Rothschilds, he set out to re-make US society according to a Rockefeller blueprint. He developed a massive tax exempt series of allegedly philanthropic Foundations embracing a corporate industrial, financial and media empire. To achieve this he apparently organised and controlled elements of the Masonic Rothschilds' agents structure already in the US. His major long term goals were financial, media and educational system control designed to dumb down the US population which has now been accomplished. For his education initiatives See eg: Dumbing Down US Education: Part II  Wundtian Psychology & Rockefeller Finance - http://abundanthope.net/pages/Ron_71/Dumbing_Down_US_Education_Part_II_Wundtian_Psychol_3877.shtml

General Education Board, Occasional Papers, Issues 1-9, New York, 1913, 6, http://books.google.com/books?id=QzhDAAAAYAAJ&printsec=frontcover&source=gbs_ge_summary_r&cad=0#v=onepage&q&f=false

Charlotte Iserbyt: The Miseducation of America Part 1-Full. See: http://abundanthope.net/pages/True_US_History_108/Charlotte-Iserbyt-The-Miseducation-of-America-Part-1-Full.shtml

In Audio Letter No, 36 (http://www.peterdavidbeter.com/docs/all/dbal36.html) Dr Peter Beter tells us:

In the area of so-called philanthropies, the Rockefeller and Carnegie interests were intertwined and gradually they all came completely under the Rockefeller umbrella. But on January 26, 1917, Senator Chamberlain of Oregon rose to give a warning on the floor of the United States Senate. He said:

"The Carnegie-Rockefeller influence is bad. In two generations they can change the minds of the people to make them conform to the cult of Rockefeller or the cult of Carnegie, rather than to the fundamental principles of American democracy."

Senator Chamberlain was right. With the help of Edward Bernays and other JOOS and shabos goyem the Rockefellers did change the mental outlook and capacity of a majority of USans before the Bolsheviks took over in the 1980s to formally  instil cultural Marxism into already dumbed down, deschooled US minds. For the Decline of the House of Rockefeller' see http://www.peterdavidbeter.com/docs/all/dbal42.html Topic #1. See also: http://www.peterdavidbeter.com/docs/all/dbal43.html

To understand what the Rockefellers sought to achieve be aware of what Dr Peter Beter said in Audio Letter No. 10 (http://www.peterdavidbeter.com/docs/all/dbal10.html) namely:

'In my monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 8 for January 1976, I revealed that since at least 1954 there has been an official but super-secret White House policy, quote:

"...to so alter life in the United States so that it can be comfortably merged with life in the Soviet Union."

'This is why we see an unending stream of apparent mistakes, concessions, and blunders by the modern outlaw band that masquerades as "our Government." These are not errors at all but deliberate steps in the Rockefeller march toward dictatorial world domination with their Soviet allies; and this includes the Sovietization of family life, the last great bulwark against total world domination.

It is not hard to see, of course, that American family life is under great pressure because the evidence is everywhere; it's common knowledge. The divorce rate is rising, the birth rate is falling, and the Census Bureau claims that the average family size is now at a record low level, and still dropping. Individuals are becoming more and more isolated. But few people know that we are seeing the fruits of a deliberate war on the American family; and fewer still know that this is an integral part of the Rockefeller drive for dictatorship.'

This attack on family life is well-organized, heavily funded, and multifaceted; but the most important, most diabolical part of it all is an intense but sugar-coated campaign now underway to gain control of your children. The objective: to break down your control over your children and place them instead under the supervision and control of the community--that is, the government. In other words, they are to be Sovietized.

One aspect of this attack on your children is the subtle use of familiar, already available avenues of communication in EDUCATION. Take, for example, that famous children's program"Sesame Street." Have you watched it lately? Financed primarily by Rockefeller-controlled foundations and the federal government,
Sesame Street has followed the standard Rockefeller philanthropic formula that emerged over 70 years ago. It established its halo in the public eye by early programming, but has progressively turned its efforts in more sinister directions under the protection of that halo. Arguments, bad temper, hurt feelings, and even cartoons with an air of unreality are prominent today on Sesame Street--and you will look in vain for any trace of an identifiable family image. Meanwhile the impressionable young Sesame Street audience is treated with such things as a recent episode showing all about how easy, painless, and perhaps even
fun, it is to use a tourniquet and syringe--all of it more explicitly than you will see on nighttime adult programming!  Harried young mothers trusting in the 'spotless reputation of Sesame Street' often allow their children to watch with little or no supervision, not realizing that concepts like this which pave the way for early and easy drug addiction are being burned into their children's minds. Sesame Street is a product of the "Children's Television Workshop", whose president is Joan Ganz
Cooney. She is a Rockefeller insider who a year ago signed the"Bicentennial Declaration" which I mentioned earlier, launching the Rockefeller "
American Revolution" to bring in their secret new Constitution.'

Such childrens' indoctrination seems like "child's play" compared to todays vicious LGBTQ+ chidren's indoctrination in homosexuality, gender fluidity and Drag Queen story time in local libraries etc. The rest of Topic #1 needs to be read to appreciate why US family life and childrens' education is as it is today.

Mitchell Feierstein: Robert Reich's and AOC's plans champion fascism falsely advertised under a banner of "democratic socialism and the greater good for all." Reich and AOC neatly illustrate everything wrong with the toxic culture within our academia and politics in America. Academics and politicians openly seeking to cancel people who voice an opposing viewpoint is not acceptable. Reich's and AOC's blacklists and accountability projects, which seek to permanently deprive people of employment and punish them for the crime of thinking differently, is repugnant. Their demented tactics will further divide and polarise a nation already on the brink. What kind of society rewards people for bad behaviour ?


"You must understand. The leading Bolsheviks who took over Russia were not Russians. They hated Russians. They hated Christians. Driven by ethnic hatred they tortured and slaughtered millions of Russians without a shred of human remorse. The October Revolution was not what you call in America the "Russian Revolution." It was an invasion and conquest over the Russian people. More of my countrymen suffered horrific crimes at their bloodstained hands than any people or nation ever suffered in the entirety of human history. It cannot be understated. Bolshevism was the greatest human slaughter of all time. The fact that most of the world is ignorant of this reality is proof that the global media itself is in the hands of the perpetrators." Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (1918-2008), Nobel-Prize-winning novelist, historian and critic of Communist totalitarianism

Other Spiritual Pieces
Dec 2, 2020 - "People Need to Pour Themselves Out into Compassionate Space. That is When God is Listening.

What I have learned, AND AM STILL LEARNING is to be kinder to people and to give them someone through whom they can pour their sorrows and frustration, and FEAR. It's taken a long time to learn to be patient and to not interrupt, BECAUSE... the most valuable and lasting thing you can do for anyone is to REALLY listen. When you do this, God is listening in you and attends to the matter. Maybe not right then, BUT... sooner or later. Listening ATTENTIVELY is a truly healing enterprise. People need to pour themselves out into compassionate space, AND... once they do ? They begin to see that all these things they imagined were so important, were not important at all.  Les Visible

Human/Animal Rights

This 7' 17" video was published by Amazing Polly on Dec 1, 2020: https://www.bitchute.com/video/SClYZkeEd5we/

Health and Nutrition
Dec 2, 2020 - THIS IS TOO IMPORTANT - the public's capitulation to wearing face masks

This 23' 29"video was published by Amazing Polly on Nov 30, 2020: https://www.bitchute.com/video/OA2CnYZRDzmR/

Health and Nutrition
Dec 2, 2020 - Johns Hopkins study explodes COVID death hoax; it’s re-labeling on a grand scale

True US History
Dec 2, 2020 - Magic Election Prompts “Once The Blood Starts Flowing-It’s Nearly Impossible To Stop” Warning

True US History
Dec 2, 2020 - Obama, Biden, CIA Director Gina Haspel Evidently Arrested for Espionage, Voter Fraud

True US History
Dec 2, 2020 - TRUCKLOAD of Election Fraud ? Whistleblower Testimony Part of Claim Disputing Over a MILLION Ballots Across US

TRUCKLOAD of election fraud? Whistleblower testimony part of claim disputing over a MILLION ballots across US

True US History
Dec 2, 2020 - Democrat California Gov. Newsom Ignores SCOTUS, Doubles Down on Worship Restrictions

Dec 1, 2020 - A Global Team of Experts Has Found 10 FATAL FLAWS in the Main Test for Covid and is Demanding It’s Urgently Axed. As they should

The people responsible for writing and publishing the paper have to be held accountable. But also, all PCR testing based on the Corman-Drosten protocol should be stopped with immediate effect. All those who are so-called current ‘Covid cases', diagnosed based on that protocol, should be told they no longer have to isolate. All present and previous Covid deaths, cases, and ‘infection rates' should be subject to a massive retroactive inquiry. And lockdowns, shutdowns, and other restrictions should be urgently reviewed and relaxed.

Because this latest blow to PCR testing raises the probability that we are not enduring a killer virus pandemic, but a false positive pseudo-epidemic. And one on which we are destroying our economies, wrecking people's livelihoods and causing more deaths than Covid-19 will ever claim. - Peter Andrews

Health and Nutrition
Dec 1, 2020 - Coronavirus: Fewer Than Two Per Cent of NHS Hospital Trusts Busier Now Than in 2019

Political Information
Dec 1, 2020 - Spy Agencies Threaten to ‘Take Out’ Mercola

Political Information
Dec 1, 2020 - Dominion Employee IDENTIFIED — Allegedly Caught on Video Downloading Data on USB, Plugging it Into a Laptop, Manipulating Data and then Palming the USB

Political Information
Dec 1, 2020 - Daily Beast Editor Calls For "Humiliation" And "Incarceration" For Trump Supporters

My greatest concern is how the media remain detached not only from roughly half of the country but from reality. It has decided that it will cater to literally one half of the country and foster openly biased narratives of what is still unfolding in this country. As I previously discussed, the loss is considerable since the public now has a deep and widening distrust for the media.  The result is that our media is no longer viewed as a place for citizens to resolve questions over things like contested elections. There is only rage where reason once prevailed. Jonathan Turley

Human/Animal Rights
Dec 1, 2020 - Watch: Obama Casually Admits His Drone Strikes Killed "Inordinate Amount" Of Innocent Civilians

Political Information
Dec 1, 2020 - Over 2,500 Foreign Criminals Freed From UK Prisons in the Past Year

Human/Animal Rights
Dec 1, 2020 - NASDAQ To Require One Woman And One Minority Or LGBTQ On Company Boards

Political Information
Dec 1, 2020 - U.K.’s High Court Rules Children Under 16 Cannot Make Wise Decisions on Hormone Treatments to Alter Biological Sex

True US History
Dec 1, 2020 - BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: WE GOT IT! — Col. Waldron Confirms US Has a Copy of the Election Night Data ‘Traffic and Packets’ Sent Overseas to Frankfurt! (VIDEO)

Yesterday, General Flynn highlighted one point during Colonel Waldron's testimony.

Col Waldron claimed that not only did the military's ‘white hat hackers' see the data flowing overseas to Germany on election night, they also have a copy of the traffic and and packets of data that were sent:

True US History
Dec 1, 2020 - Facebook Wants to Help Biden Administration with Coronavirus Vaccine Response

Political Information
Dec 1, 2020 - A Discussion With Business Insider About QAnon

True US History
Dec 1, 2020 - "And Why Stop There?": CNN Analyst Calls For Sweeping Regulation Of Free Speech On The Web

True US History
Dec 1, 2020 - “Dark Winter” Was The Code Name For A Scenario In Which A Biological Weapon Was Used Against The American Populace

So let me try to summarize what we have learned. Operation Dark Winter envisioned a scenario in which a highly infectious disease that causes sores on the skin spirals out of control and causes a "massive loss of civilian life".  And suddenly Joe Biden and other elitists have begun repeating this phrase over and over again as we head into 2021.  Michael Snyder

Political Information
Dec 1, 2020 - Twitter BANS Mathematician

True US History
Dec 1, 2020 - Flight From Reality: Airlines Demanding ‘Vaccine Passports’ Signals the Death Knell of Democracy

Political Information
Dec 1, 2020 - Doh! IRS Sent $34 Million In Stimulus Checks To Non-Citizens In Foreign Countries

Health and Nutrition
Dec 1, 2020 - NYT Accidentally Breaks Big Covid Story: Humans have immune Systems - Lockdown Policies Destroy Them

typewriter big story graphic

Political Information
Dec 1, 2020 - Sir Keir Starmer: The Trilateral Commission and Jeffrey Epstein

Political Information
Dec 1, 2020 - Facebook versus Citizens

Human/Animal Rights
Nov 30, 2020 - Differences Exposed Between the LGB’s and T’s

Political Information
Nov 30, 2020 - A long-forgotten CIA Document from WikiLeaks Sheds Critical Light on Today's US Politics and Wars

Glenn Greenwald: What made this document so fascinating, so revealing, is the CIA's discussion of how to manipulate public opinion to ensure it remains at least tolerant if not supportive of Endless War and, specifically, the vital role President Obama played for the CIA in packaging and selling U.S. wars around the world. In this classified analysis, one learns a great deal about how the "military industrial complex," also known as the "Blob" or "Deep State," reasons; how the Agency exploits humanitarian impulses to ensure continuation of its wars; and what the real function is of the U.S. President when it comes to foreign policy.  ........

To solve the problem of growing anti-war sentiment in Western Europe, the agency devised two primary solutions:

1) exploit the plight of Afghan women to tug on the heartstrings of the Germans and French and try to persuade them - particularly European women - that the war in Afghanistan was really some sort of humanitarian project to help people, not a geo-strategic effort to control the region and its resources;

Ron: In fact, unknown to the American and global public, the US created ALL the wars in Afghanistan and apart from organising, training, funding and equipping Jihadi terrorist puppets to attempt to overthrow Afghanistan's legitimately elected democratic government, the US debauched the Afghan education system thereby destroying women's rights resulting in the parlous conditions of females there today.

The US spread the teachings of the Islamic jihad in textbooks Made in America, developed at the University of Nebraska: The primers, which were filled with talk of jihad and featured drawings of guns, bullets, soldiers and mines, have served since then as the Afghan school system's core curriculum. Even the Taliban used the American-produced books.

Female education was widely available in Afghanistan in 1979 until the US created the Muslim extremist death squads that sought to overthrow the democratically elected government there, as they have done more recently in Libya, Syria and Ukraine. See eg: The People of Afghanistan Have Had Truly Enough of Western Imperialist Barbarism - http://abundanthope.net/pages/Political_Information_43/The-People-of-Afghanistan-Have-Had-Truly-Enough-of-Western-Imperialist-Barbarism.shtml And: This Before And After Image Of Afghanistan Is Hard To Believe: http://abundanthope.net/pages/True_US_History_108/From-Afghanistan-to-Syria-Women-s-Rights-War-Propaganda-and-the-CIA.shtml

Afghan men and their women of all religions have the US to thank for their misery due to barbaric ideologies foisted on Afghanistan by Zbigniew Brzezinski and the US. See also: CIA Was Aiding Afghan Jihadists Before the Soviet Invasion - http://abundanthope.net/pages/Political_Information_43/CIA-Was-Aiding-Afghan-Jihadists-Before-the-Soviet-Invasion.shtml

Glenn Greenwald: It is hard to overstate how revealing this document is. Just months before the CIA heralded Obama's unique ability to sell the war and ensure its continuation, the Nobel Peace Prize Committee awarded Obama its highest honor for what it called "his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples," adding: "for 108 years, the Norwegian Nobel Committee has sought to stimulate precisely that international policy and those attitudes for which Obama is now the world's leading spokesman."
Yet the CIA, as it so often does, knew the hidden truth: that Obama's most important value was in prettifying, marketing and prolonging wars, not ending them...
For that exposure, the CIA relentlessly attacked Trump starting from before he was even elected, and for the same reason, Assange is sitting in a British prison on espionage charges from the U.S. Department of Justice. Few things infuriate U.S. foreign policy elites more than those who, unwittingly or otherwise, show the true face of the U.S. security state to the world.

Ron: The animosity towards President Trump and his supporters goes much deeper than that. Trump is in the process of destroying the Federal Reserve System and with it the Rothschilds'controlled global Central banking system. That will eliminate the demonic control of our world by the Talmudic globalist cabal and bring about almost instant global prosperity because the burden of Talmudic money creation and its usurious distribution will cease along with monetary manipulation by banksters and corporatists. In effect Trump is ending the  FASCIST capitalist control of this planet that has impoverished, enslaved and debilitated the population and Gaia.

Political Information
Nov 30, 2020 - New Judicial Watch Study Finds 353 U.S. Counties in 29 States with Voter Registration Rates Exceeding 100%

Health and Nutrition
Nov 30, 2020 - COVID-19: Americans Are In ‘delusional psychosis’ and Policing Each Other, Psychiatrist Warns

"With a positive outcome in the election, with the removal of those who wish to destroy the country and the election of those who wish to preserve it, we have a fighting chance, but we need a virtuous populace as well, not just a virtuous governing body," McDonald said at the summit, which took place a few days before the election.   "We need a people who believe in and cherish freedom as a virtue, rather than fear. Never before in the history of this country has fear been enshrined as a virtue. If it stays this way and we don't address it and redress it, we are lost."  Lianne Laurence

Political Information
Nov 30, 2020 - 20 Alleged Election "Facts" That Don't Pass The Smell Test

Human/Animal Rights
Nov 30, 2020 - Planned Parenthood PA Group Calls for Resignation of Allegedly ‘Racist,’ ‘Transphobic’ Director

Political Information
Nov 30, 2020 - Boris Johnson Unleashes The British Police Force Against His Own People, As He Crucifies An Entire Nation On The Cross Of The NHS

Most pertinent were the boos from the crowd directed towards police, a very British protest.  Britain no longer has faith in its police force, their brutal tactics and double standards are now expected. The Met police force have been recruited and radicalised under the leadership of Cressida Dick to implement the untenable and irredeemably flawed emergency regulations of Boris Johnson. It is an attempt to crush the soul of the nation through fear, intimidation and should you object, criminalisation. If the British Parliament do not have the courage to curb this dictatorial executive, the people, in frustration, will take things into their own hands.               M.A. Richardson

Political Information
Nov 30, 2020 - DYSTOPIAN: News Reporters Stalk Christians Worshipping at Church to Enforce COVID Mandates

True US History
Nov 30, 2020 - What's Biden Hidin' ?

Ron: Presumably this 'incident' is actually some sort of message to Deep State actors. But as Biden is allegedly wearing a boot I suppose it could also indicate that he's wearing a "tracker" like McCain used to do before he died. Certainly it's time Biden was prosecuted for his crimes.

Health and Nutrition
Nov 30, 2020 - LISTEN To The 4.5 min Video to Learn What’s In The COVID-19 Vaccine!

Political Information
Nov 30, 2020 - WHO Urges Global Governments To "Manage" All Social Activity

Political Information
Nov 30, 2020 - Another Police Officer Stands Up and Condemns Australia’s COVID Tyranny

Ron: Australians should STAND UP and support Kevin Dawson and Alexander Cooney as they attempt to prevent Australia from descending into a complete POLICE STATE morass as our political and medical leaders seek to use the COVID-19 scamdemic to tyrannise our society and destroy life as we know it.

We have it on good authority that: "whoever wants to save his life wll lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it" - Matthew 16:26

Those who are sooo afraid of dying that they refuse to live can always stay home and wear masks if they wish, BUT it is intolerable fhat those who are so afraid of dying that they never really live should be able to inflict their FEARS on others.

Other Spiritual Pieces
Nov 30, 2020 - "Mr. Apocalypse is Dancing into The Aquarian Age for The Purpose of Demonstration."

There is an enduring and eternal TRUTH and that is that EVERYTHING IS UNDER CONTROL. If you can't see this then you are being hindered by the state of thinking you know. Anything that you think you know that comes into conflict with the FACT that Everything is Under Control, is WRONG. Once again, this is the purpose of, "I don't know." and that HAS TO BECOME VISCERAL. Until this occurs, The Purpose of Demonstration will rule the course of your existence.           Les Visible

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THIS IS TOO IMPORTANT - the public's capitulation to wearing face masks
Johns Hopkins study explodes COVID death hoax; it’s re-labeling on a grand scale
A Global Team of Experts Has Found 10 FATAL FLAWS in the Main Test for Covid and is Demanding It’s Urgently Axed. As they should
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THIS IS TOO IMPORTANT - the public's capitulation to wearing face masks
Johns Hopkins study explodes COVID death hoax; it’s re-labeling on a grand scale
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