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Political Information
Mar 22, 2019 - Evidence Indicates Link Between North Korean Embassy Break-In And Christchurch Attacks

Despite the characterization of Tarrant in the media, he was no run-of-the-mill white supremacist. Images posted by Tarrant online just before the attack to a Twitter account which had been dormant until March 12 showed that he was in possession of high-capacity magazines and a semi-automatic assault rifle. The weapon and magazines would have been classified as either a "restricted weapon" or a "military-style-semi-automatic" (MSSA) under New Zealand law. A person who possesses or uses a firearm in New Zealand needs to hold a firearms license issued by police. Licenses normally last for ten years unless revoked. Foreign nationals may apply from overseas for a one year license based on their possession of an existing license in their home country...Tarrant, who supposedly began to radicalize starting in 2016 and was allegedly unemployed would have had his radical tendencies discovered with a proper background investigation...The Australian also engaged in extensive travel abroad to a number of areas that should have raised red flags with intelligence services. Countries visited by Tarrant included PakistanNorth KoreaTurkey, parts of AfricaPortugalSpainFranceAfghanistan and Xinjiang, China. The extensive travel and access to military grade firearms should have made detection by law enforcement and intelligence services nearly impossible to avoid.

Ron:Query where did this UNEMPLOYED 'LONE GUNMAN' get the money for his extensive travel all around the world which included a visit to MI6 and then with the Master of Temple Church in London during May 2017?

It is also worth noting that the location of police stations in and around Christchurch shows that there were several just a few blocks away from the Al Noor Mosque and Linwood Islamic Centre. This is about a seven to eight minute drive with normal traffic. But witness statements say that police took over 20 minutes to arrive at the scene (the police response time was actually an even longer 36 minutes). Ambulance services took over half an hour to arrive at the scene despite the fact that hospitals were in even closer proximity to the attack locations than police stations............      Whether or not one believes that the Christchurch terror attacks have more to them than meets the eye, it is undeniable that the tragedy is now being exploited by various parties for personal gain. New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has taken the opportunity to promote increased gun control with a total ban on semi-automatic weapons. Ardern formerly worked as a policy advisor to Tony Blair, who has himself been a willing collaborator with British intelligence services. Ardern has not yet commented on the fact that New Zealand security and emergency services caused the death toll to rise substantially higher than needed due to an incredibly slow response time...Turkish state-owned media source TRT Worldhas cited anonymous officials who claimed that Tarrant entered the country "to carry out a terror attack and/ or an assassination." Tarrant's visits to Turkey occurred on March 17-20, and September 13, 2016. Erdoğan survived a coup attempt that began July 15, 2016.

It is also worth noting that the location of police stations in and around Christchurch shows that there were several just a few blocks away from the Al Noor Mosque and Linwood Islamic Centre. This is about a seven to eight minute drive with normal traffic. But witness statements say that police took over 20 minutes to arrive at the scene (the police response time was actually an even longer 36 minutes). Ambulance services took over half an hour to arrive at the scene despite the fact that hospitals were in even closer proximity to the attack locations than police stations.

The failure of police to deploy with greater haste or intercept the attackers while they moved from their first target to the second raises serious questions about the reasons for inadequate law enforcement reactions. Normally an incident on such a scale would trigger an immediate lockdown of the affected city and a total isolation of the affected area.

If any attackers were not filming themselves, resupplying from their vehicles or firing on innocent civilians while driving in transit as Tarrant did it is likely that they would have been able to effect an escape...Brenton Tarrant's travels to Turkey, France, Spain and Portugal raise questions about potential connections to intelligence services who collaborate loosely under the FVEY intelligence sharing agreement. Additionally, his time spent in Pakistan, a country with a long history of deep CIA involvement creates an even stronger possibility that Tarrant might have had ties to military or intelligence organizations. - William Craddick

Ron: Of interest also is Matt Agorist's report that: NZ Police “Happened to Be in a Training Session” When Mosque Shooting Began - http://abundanthope.net/pages/Political_Information_43/NZ-Police-Happened-to-Be-in-a-Training-Session-When-Mosque-Shooting-Began.shtml

Just another coincidence Pilgrims. Nothing to see here...

David Crayford and the ITC


Political Information
Mar 19, 2019 - The Best Analysis Of What Really Happened To The Boeing 737 Max From A Pilot & Software Engineer

Mar 18, 2019 - The Global Rightward Shift on Climate Change!!!

This 11' 21" video was published by Dr Steve Turley on Mar 11, 2019: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jT10pVm7L3I

Ron: Human population production of carbon dioxide is NOT a global climate problem. Moreover, the very idea of trying to eliminate carbon dioxide from the atmosphere is insane. All plant life on this planet depends on carbon dioxide for growth which means that ALL human and animal life here also indirectly depends on it. What is required, and is being done by Universe Management, is the reconstitution of the Firmament which is a layer of moisture above most of the atmosphere of this planet. Currently, the spraying of "Chem-Trails"  is being allowed to facilitate this process. However, whenever the global controllers insert toxins and viruses into the mixtures being sprayed into the upper atmosphere, Universe Management is intervening to stop that process.

The Firmament is needed in order to moderate excessive climatic variations. In addition, Universe Management is gradually lessenning the planet's off centre tilt. this will eventually result in the planet standing upright on its axis. This also will moderate climatic effects because when this happens the Sun's rays will always impact directly at the Equator. I understand that the Three Days of Darkness (3DD) will not now be allowed to occur before the stasis event needed to enable Universe Management to correct some ot the planet's tilt and modify certain other lethal problems afflicting humanity and the planet. However, we will still see the beginnings of the 3DD process which will suffice to let the global population know that this epoch is ending and a new era is commencing. So be it.

True US History
Mar 18, 2019 - Sen Joseph McCarthy - Martyr to Patriotism

"We have already ...possessed the minds of the goy communities...[they are] looking through the spectacles we are setting astride their noses." Protocols of Zion, 12

Makow Comment- Historians like Klehr cannot see the BIG PICTURE. Even McCarthy lacked this. Communism is a branch of Freemasonry (Cabalist Judaism). Illuminati insider Chaim Rakovsky revealed in 1938, "the aim of Freemasonry is the triumph of Communism." All the players are Freemasons or their tools, including FDR, Truman, Churchill, and Stalin. Soviet agents like Alger Hiss and Harry Dexter White defined the postwar world.
from Feb 17, 2018Setting the Record on Sen. Joseph McCarthy Straight by Harvey Klehr(Excerpts by henrymakow.com)

Ron: The Rothschilds and the Rockefellers and their brethren created the Bolsheviks and their Jews' COUP which, in typical JudaIc fashion, they fraudulently mislabelled as the Russian Revolution in 1917 and they covertly remained in alliance from that time until the Battle of the Harvest Moon on 27 September 1977. At that time the fact that Christian Russians had ousted the Jewish Bolsheviks from power in the Soviet Union became apparent to the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers and the Cold War became real. The Bolsheviks ousted from the Soviet Union were welcomed into the US by the corporatist Rockefellers. That was a big mistake because the Bolsheviks then killed the four Rockefeller brothers and took over much of their dominant control mechanisms in the US  See eg Dr. Peter David Beter - Audio Letter No. 26. ff. - http://www.peterdavidbeter.com/docs/all/dbal26.html And: Audio Letter No. 29. Topic #3; And: Audio Letter No. 42. Topic # 1; And Audio Letter No. 43.ff.

The Bolshevik usurpation of the Rockefeller's control  of much of the US Inc and the Pentagon has resulted in the cultural Marxist (Communist) controlled Democrat Deep State situation we see in the US today. The actual Bolshevik control in the US started in 1979, ie about 40 years ago. BUT it was  built on the Sephardic Rockefellers' comprehensive Talmudic control apparatus that was developed for some hundred years before that.

Henry Makow & Harvey Klehr: There are several things about which Senator McCarthy was right -- although he was by no means the first or only person to note them. There was a very significant issue of national security presented by communist spying and subversion. No government can turn a blind eye to spying as extensive as that directed against the United States by the Soviet Union. Secondly, the American Communist Party was serving as an agent of a foreign power. ..

Ron: Whereas during the Obama Presidency, the POTUS and Hilary Clinton, the US Secretary of State, were serving as agents of multiple foreign powers, including Russia, China and Iran...!

Political Information
Mar 18, 2019 - NZ Police “Happened to Be in a Training Session” When Mosque Shooting Began

Police in New Zealand don't typically carry firearms, much less dress in tactical gear, so officers holding a drill with all their tactical equipment and weapons at the ready was a helpful coincidence indeed.    For those who may be unaware, the significance of the drill is important due to the fact that most terror attacks in recent history have coincided with drills very similar to the actual terrorism that unfolds. Matt Agorist

Political Information
Mar 18, 2019 - After Bleeding Thailand Dry, Soros is Going in for the Kill

Among the media platforms and non-governmental organizations that are sponsored both directly and indirectly by George Soros are such entities as DAO DIN, Thai Netizens Network, Thai Lawyers for Human Rights, Media Inside out, Prachathai, Makhampon Foundation, Fortify Rights, Human Rights Thailand, Amnesty International Thailand, Thai Poor Act, Cross Cultural Foundation.   Predictably enough, opposition youth movements such as the New Democracy Movement and Future Forward have been revealed as controlled by George Soros. This philanthropist, together with the ousted Thai prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra, and Washington's NED and USAID are funneling tens of billions of baht to anti-govern forces to pursue the ideological indoctrination of local students, intellectuals, control over the local media and to train all sorts of pro-Washington propagandists  Jean Perier

Political Information
Mar 18, 2019 - Big Tech Goes All Out Censoring Conservatives…And Is Getting Away With It

True US History
Mar 18, 2019 - Democratic Decay: The Threat With a Thousand Names

Tom Gerald Dalywith: Economic inequality; political polarisation; cultural backlash against rapid social, moral and demographic change; the scapegoating of immigrants and minorities by political forces; the profound - and often negative - effects of technology on society and the political system; the rise of non-liberal alternative governance models viewed as successful, in China, Singapore and other states; and active external interference through ‘election hacking' and other, subtler, forms of meddling. While the UK is not clearly suffering from the first challenge, it - like all other democracies - is facing the second suite of challenges.

Ron: This statement is a pastiche of nonsense! For instance, the UK and the Obama governments unsuccessfully colluded and attemped to "hack" the election of President Trump in the US; and have continued to try to unlawfully undermine the Trump Administration for more than two years and counting.

This author is so 'full of it' I can't be bothered debunking most of his faulty assertions. Suffice to say that residents of Western nations have finally WOKEN UP to the fact that they are being forced  to accept rapid immoral social and other [im]moral changes as well as overwhelming demographic changes foisted on them by cultural Marxist governmentds and they find this process UNACCEPTABLE. See eg: American activist Barbara Lerner Spectre calls for destruction of European ethnic societies - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ERmOpZrKtw

The Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan: ‘The Man of the Future will be a Mongrel’ - http://abundanthope.net/pages/Political_Information_43/The-Coudenhove-Kalergi-Plan-The-Man-of-the-Future-will-be-a-Mongrel.shtml

Quotations In Support Of White Genocide. See: http://abundanthope.net/pages/Political_Information_43/Quotations-In-Support-Of-White-Genocide.shtml

Project White Genocide: The Dark Agenda of Count Coudenhove-Kalergi. See: http://abundanthope.net/pages/Political_Information_43/Project-White-Genocide-The-Dark-Agenda-of-Count-Coudenhove-Kalergi.shtml

THE KALERGI PLAN FOR EUROPEAN GENOCIDE. See: http://abundanthope.net/pages/Political_Information_43/THE-KALERGI-PLAN-FOR-EUROPEAN-GENOCIDE_printer.shtml

Similarly, huge numbers of Euroanglo-USans are starting to object to being forced to accommodate millions of Soros and Talmudic NGO funded illegal immigrants and criminals masquerading as refugees. See eg: American activist Barbara Lerner Spectre calls for destruction of European ethnic societies - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ERmOpZrKtw

Translations - Others
Mar 18, 2019 - Italian_Seraphin Messaggio 374: Un Seme E’ Stato Piantato Da Tempo: Germinazione Dal Fuoco

Seraphin tramite Rosie

Translations - Others
Mar 18, 2019 - Italian_Seraphin Messaggio 103: Elevarsi Come Un Uccello: Diventare Il Creatore

Seraphin tramite Rosie

Translations - Others
Mar 18, 2019 - Italian_Seraphin Messaggio 102: Come Volete Vivere?

Seraphin tramite Rosie

Political Information
Mar 18, 2019 - From ‘Not Us’ to ‘Why Hide It’

Political Information
Mar 18, 2019 - Christchurch, Birmingham, and the Power of Islamic Victimhood

It's the massacre heard ‘round the world! Leaders react across the globe! Religious bigotry and hate must be rooted out!

Oh wait, not this one. This is just another Muslim massacre of Christian villagers in Nigeria. Ho-hum, nothing to see here folks. Just move along now...

Ah, here's the right one! In the initial hours following the fatal shooting of several dozen Muslims at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, the verdict was already in: this was a manifestation of white nationalism, which is a kind of "white ISIS."

The only secondary question left to settle remains: Who bears the most blame, Donald Trump individuallySerbs collectively, or Robert E. Lee posthumously?

... Whether in Christchurch or Birmingham, or anywhere else in what until recently were indisputably societies that were ethnically European and spiritually, or at least culturally, Christian, the forces of the rising dictatorship of victims, despite their internecine squabbles, understand all too well who their common enemy is. Whichever faction might have the upper hand at any moment just boils down to scavengers scrapping over the rotting, barely living carcass of a legacy society begging to be put out of its misery. - James George Jatras

Ron: To understand the reasons for ALL of this disruption, corruption and dystopia you need to be aware of the identity of those who actually fund and direct ALL of these dysfunctional ideological activities. In every case they are Talmudists ie Khazarians and their Sephardic ideological brethren aka Saudi and other 'Jews' (however described). It isn't just a coincidence that Soros and other Talmudists who call themselves Jews but are not, FUND, organise and foment cultural Marxism, Political Correctness, LGBTism, massive llegal refugee and  immigrant flows into Western nations and on and on...

James George Jatras: "There'll always be an England" ? Don't count on it. Or a New Zealand or an America, for that matter.

Ron: GET OFF THE FENCE PILGRIMS! And speak up for your God-given rights and those of your fellow humans.

Political Information
Mar 18, 2019 - UN Works with Intelligence Contractors to Destabilize North Korea Dialogue

With a search of just a few minutes on Google Earth along the Chinese-North Korean border, Disobedient Media was able to identify pathways being used by smugglers to move goods in avoidance of sanctions near Kusong-Dong, North Korea. The ease with which this verifiable information could be found shows just how inept and uninterested monitoring bodies and international media organizations are in finding actual evidence of any potential sanctions violations. The failure of these institutions suggests that their efforts are made solely with propaganda in mind.    William Craddick

Political Information
Mar 18, 2019 - Misguided Spying and the New Zealand Massacre

Political Information
Mar 18, 2019 - Hot Off the Press: Israel’s Three Largest Banks Pay Hundreds Of Millions In Fines For Helping US Citizens Evade Taxes

Ron: Isn't discussion of this topic ANTI-SEMITIC?! For shame! How dare anyone question the propriety of what FIFTH COLUMN Jews and their communities do in the US or anywhere else?! What is the world coming too if Jews can't rip off USans with impunity AND WITHOUT PUBLICITY?! After all one of the major reasons for the UN's creation of Israel was the establishment of a "safe space" in which criminal Talmudists (but I repeat myself!) can hide their ill gotten loot and take refuge, if they have to flee from the criminal justice syatem in a gentile host nation that has foolishly granted them residency or citizenship.

Other Spiritual Pieces
Mar 18, 2019 - In Consideration of Time and Yugas, Devotion and Love

The Divine is resident in every living thing in one manner or another or it would not be alive. One is in a position to invoke that divine being in everyone they meet, or free to invoke whatever else they may imagine they wish to encounter or experience. There may be no evidence of one's success at the time but our actions are depth charges and time bombs. They will go off at that moment when the conditions are right. A car horn will sound. A dog will bark. Some combination of events will take place and then the sun will break through the clouds where it was formerly concealed. It was still present, nonetheless. It was simply not seen previously.  Les Visible

Political Information
Mar 18, 2019 - The ‘STRIKE’ will be FAST! #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening #NEONREVOLT

Neon Revolt

Political Information
Mar 18, 2019 - Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn: The Rise and Fall of Globalization

This 1 hr. 24' 57" video was published by Dr Steve Turley on Feb 21, 2019: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zyddCcbKgc4


Ron: This video is worth your time. Solzhenitsyn was very perceptive as well as courageous. Dr Turley does a good job of explaning what Solzhenitsyn told USans and the world in 1978. Dr Turley says that Solzhenitsyn saw that the West's legalistic (rule of law) governance arrangements accompanied by technological developments had provided much greater freedom and material benefits than previously known. BUT, he also noted that the creation of man-made legal rights, ie 'positivist law', created by lawyers and legislators, in lieu of the natural laws of Creation which humans discover rather than create, fuels materialism which results in a consumerist mentality that can never be sated. Why?  Because consumer appetities devoid of a spiritual basis are infinite. The creation of seemingly independant sovereign consumers results in failure to adhere to cultural and spiritual norms associated with family, church and community, and failure to know and value of what is good and right. The individual becomes the sole arbiter of what s/he decides to be good and right. The result is intensive interpersonal competition as well as a decilne in courage, ie a decline in willingness to defend what is good and right as values worth fighting for.

The West's "rule of law" degenerates into the rule by lawyers as people cease  being guided by natural law, ie the laws of nature. Accordingly the rule of law degenerates into rule by lawyers who INVENT THE LAW. Moreover, the "lawyers" who 'make up' the law stand above it. Justice ceases to have any basis. This is currently evidenced by the fact that Hilary Clinton et al have not been prosecuted for the crimes she and they have committed.

The only thing worse than a nation without law is a nation made up solely by lawyers. Freedom isn't  just "freedom FROM" but it is also freedom FOR doing what we ought to do.

Political Information
Mar 18, 2019 - Wealth Concentration Drives a New Global Imperialism

Peter Phillips: Power elites in support of capital investment are collectively embedded in a system of mandatory growth. Failure for capital to achieve continuing expansion leads to economic stagnation, which can result in depression, bank failures, currency collapses, and mass unemployment. Capitalism is an economic system that inevitably adjusts itself via contractions, recessions, and depressions.

Ron: These statements encapsulate the reasons why we need to eliminate the money meme from human consciousness and to replace it with sharing, careing and gifting societal mechanisms for the effective creation, distribution and exchange of the goods and services needed for abundant human living and proper protection of the planet and its ecosystems.

The money meme creates the false consciousness that drives the motivation of power elites who create the capital accumulation and investment memes that birth and sustain the usurious banking and corporatist mechanisms that collectively embed in the human psyche and society generally, the insane concept that endless, mandatory physical growth is required to sustain civilisation on this finite world. Why? Because the socio-economic PONZI scheme based on usurious money creation and distribution demands continual capital expansion, ie continuous increases in the "money" supply. The money meme has spawned the ideology that inter-personal and inter-societal competition, as opposed to co-operation, is necessary for the creation of a comfortable and prosperous human life. It isn't. In effect Capitalist ideology implies perpetual stress, conflict and warfare. The Capitalist competition meme drives the zero sum game that Capitalism epitomises.

Capitalist socio-economic ideology requires that individual humans become depersonalised and atomised. Humans are reduced to being spiritually mindless competing economic units rather than human beings. The result is that human individuals  become increasingly isolated and alienated from their true selves and each other. This isolation and separation occurs even within familes and extended families as well as in wider community groups and nations. This destroys the spiritual core of what makes us human beings to the extenrt that ultimately we can cease to be indwelt by a fragment of Creator consciousness, ie we become less than human.

The absurdity of Capitalist ideology becomes obvious when you analyse the meaning and effect of the statement: 'Capitalism is an economic system that inevitably adjusts itself via contractions, recessions, and depressions.

WHY should ANY rational community accept and operate a system that INEVITABLY requires periodic bank failures, currency collapses and mass unemployment with the inevitable stress, turmoil, poverty and pain those results inflict on most members of the community? Insanity is said to be doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different outcome every time. Sooo, why do human societies on this planet continue to support Capitalism which allows a small minority of humans to operate a monetary system that INEVITABLY results in enormous wealth and affluence for a few; and  STRESS, MISERY, POVERTY AND DEATH for many? Are most of the population so stupid that they cannot perceive that 'Capitalism' is not working for them? OR are they all just masochists?

If you want to change the outcome Pilgrims, you have to change the input. The first step is to acknowledge that usurious banking is an enslavement tool designed to control, enslave and eventually destroy human beings for the benefit of a tiny group of banksters and corporatists, and their minions. The next step is to eliminate that usurious banking system. The third step is to eliminate the possibility for ANYONE in the community to be able to exercise the power to create and distribute, or hoard, the tokens generally agreed by the community to represent 'money'. Finally, once the community has sufficiently experienced prosperity and abundance in a society that doesn't use money other than as a tool for facilitating the creation, distribution and exchange of goods and services, the members of that community can agree to eliminate the money meme altogether and live a genuinely communal sharing, careing and gifting lifestyle.

Peter Phillips: Recognizing global imperialism as a manifestation of concentrated wealth, managed by a few hundred people, is of utmost importance for democratic humanitarian activists. We must stand on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and challenge global imperialism and its fascist governments, media propaganda, and empire armies

Ron: I disagree. This author misstates the truth of the situation. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is NOT the basis of our rights as sovereign human beings. Our sovereignty stems from our being sons and daughters of god, indwelt by a fragment of Creator consciousness. Like the UN itself, the UN Declaration of Human Rights is a man made artifact, not a divine creation. Moreover, the Declaration, like the UN, was created by Talmudists for the purposes of global control of humans on this planet. ANY man-made legislated "RIGHT" can be revoked by man-made legislation whereas God given rights cannot be erased. Be aware also, that the UN is clearly corrupt and not fit for purpose and will therefore soon be abolished. When that happens, its corrupt authority will cease with it.

Political Information
Mar 17, 2019 - Nigerian Muslim Militants Kill 120 Christians in Three Weeks

Thomas D. Williams, Ph.D.: The recent death toll of Christians in Nigeria has reached 120 with this week’s slaughter of more than 50 by Fulani Muslim militants in the Kaduna state of Nigeria, the Christian Post reported...The Christian Post reported that Fulani militants killed thousands of Christians in 2018 alone in what many are calling a Christian genocide in Nigeria’s Middle Belt.

Ron: DIDJA SEE these massacres of Christians featured or even mentioned in passing in your local or national (FAUX) Western news reports? NO?! WHY NOT? Had those slaughtered been Muslims or Jews we all know how the news would have been handled ... for weeks...and weeks.

True US History
Mar 17, 2019 - Some people have shown interest once again in Benghazi, to me this tragedy is still very important.

Mar 17, 2019 - Illinois Votes to Teach ‘LGBT history’ to Schoolchildren, Republicans furious

Political Information
Mar 17, 2019 - 13 Major Truth Bombs Dropped Last Week—What next ?

There's a storm brewing alright, and if you still don't believe anything is happening, start following along more closely, because things are speeding up. Just look at what's been taking place in the Arkansas Swamp. Or how about the World Bank President retiring three years early, then suddenly news hits about an arm of the World Bank being sued by Supreme Court ruling - for the first time in history. What about the fact that all of the churches are finally being exposed for the pedophile, child sex trafficking nests that they are? Don't be blissfully oblivious - it's time to wake up, put on your armor, take action and join in this battle for justice, freedom, and a better world for future generations.  Coreysdigs

Political Information
Mar 17, 2019 - Germany’s Merkel & France’s Macron Plan for EU Naval Air Power

True US History
Mar 17, 2019 - The CIA’s Saudi and Islamic State Mole

Human/Animal Rights
Mar 17, 2019 - The Vivid Dangers of Our Indifference to a Hellish World

Inequality, poverty, abuse of the planet's resources and more have become "natural" phenomenon. Unlike an earthquake which surprises unlucky victims and is framed as a tragedy by the media, the poverty of billions of people is not a tragedy - instead, it is seen as something that is basically deserved and normal. Ironically, it is earthquakes that are natural and there is little we can do about them, whereas inequality is not natural. It is a conscious policy........................

A healthy society isn't one that tolerates people expressing an opinion, it's one that encourages and thrives on that by teaching critical thought and consistently giving children through to adults all the tools and information necessary to be able to navigate current events and participate in a full way in society. Instead, most of us leave high school having memorized the periodic  table, but with no clue about the origins of injustices nor what we can do about them. This intentional political illiteracy is marginalizing and undemocratic, relegating most of us to watching, unamused, as the world falls apart, and unable to wrap our heads around it all.  Tamara Pearson



Political Information
Mar 17, 2019 - NZ Threatens 10 Years In Prison For 'Possessing' Mosque Shooting Video; Web Hosts Warned, 'Dissenter' Banned

Political Information
Mar 17, 2019 - Brexit: The Message Is Now Loud and Clear

And this is where we are. The Conservatives, led by Theresa May have attempted twice to get a deal through using the most damaging strategies to Britain's democracy and failed. Motions have been used like a political tug-of-war, the party has all but imploded, our Prime Minister is hanging on by a single claw - only for the truth to confront us - we have failed to leave the EU because no-one can agree what leaving means.   That's it.     May will embarrass the nation once again next week and next week, unless a great divine intervention takes place, we will be no further on. Britain will then forced, again embarrassingly, to participate in the European elections.  True Publica

Political Information
Mar 17, 2019 - The Day After: Paris Burns As Macron Returns From Mountain Vacation

Political Information
Mar 17, 2019 - May And Merkel Fiddle While Their Unions Burn

True US History
Mar 17, 2019 - An Unheralded Prophet

The writing on the wall came most clearly, I think, in 1994 when Randall A. Terry said:

"In 1959 it would have been unthinkable to the average American - whether Democrat, Republican or Independent - that children would be murdered by abortion, homosexuals would be indoctrinating our children and demanding ‘marriage' rights, that our surgeon general would be calling for the legalization of criminal drugs, and the distribution of condoms to ten-year-olds, that our tax money would pay for a crucifix floating in a vat of urine, that prayer and Bible reading would be illegal in government schools, that new-age, one-world, indoctrination would be standard fare. None of these atrocities could have been foreseen (much less discussed in mixed company) a scant 35 years ago. Where will it end? Will what is unthinkable and unspeakable today be commonplace 35 years hence? One shudders to imagine."

Because this country is a democratic republic - thanks to its sharp-minded founders - and not the plaything of power-hungry elites, the hottest question for Americans of every IQ and skin color is, are we to remain a free and independent people or march down the road to a future of servitude to a state run by rulers blind to the meaning and reality of being human? Are there enough outraged Americans, in and out of positions of influence, to give these pushers of a global dystopia their eviction notice ? - Anthony DeBlasi

Gekanaliseerde berichten Anderen


Political Information
Mar 17, 2019 - MSM Blackout: Colluding in War Crimes: Britain’s Unreported Military Alliance with Israel

It is now sadly a fact that more children than Palestinian fighters are being killed in the offensive on Gaza by the state of Israel. This in itself should be shocking until you see the numbers.  28 per cent killed are five years and under, 92 per cent are sixteen and under with 8 per cent aged 17 and 18 - but still classed as minors. More babies aged under 24 months die than those aged over 16 years...in the ten years from 2008 to 2018 - a staggering 2,370 children have been sent to Israeli prisons. At the end of January 2019, 209 Palestinian children were held in Israeli prisons as security detainees and prisoners.

In January this year, the General Federation of Palestinian Trade Unions (PGFTU) warned that the poverty rate in the Gaza Strip has exceeded 80 per cent for the wider population. The numbers for mental health problems, access to health care or the basics such as access to clean water, electricity and sanitation are dire. - True Publica

True US History
Mar 17, 2019 - Why Is Trump Having to Fight Alone ?

Our political system has evolved to the point where in most precincts today during most elections, the two party's have produced a choice for voters that allows them to pick between two non-responsive candidates.  Preservation of the status quo along with the trappings of power, privilege, profit, and prestige have become governing objectives for most politicians.  That means that when we have a President like Donald Trump willing to stand up and fight for us, he is forced to fight against them.   There has been no other circumstance like this in modern political history.  I wish that the stakes weren't so high so that I could simply step back and enjoy the incredible theater of this.  We have the classic plotline of one solitary figure standing up against a unified threat.  In traditional literature, the story usually ends tragically.  In a contemporary film, the story often ends triumphantly because movie executives know that crowds are hungry for a hero in a world with so few real ones.  - Charlie Kirk

True US History
Mar 17, 2019 - Sorry, Ilhan, Jews HAVE Hypnotized the World

Political Information
Mar 17, 2019 - How to Win on Immigration: Italy’s Salvini Shows the Way

Any government sending patriotic signals - authentic or not - is likely to gain politically as a result. People are reassured in the knowledge, or at least the impression, that their government is standing up for their culture and interests. But evidently, this is already too much to grasp for those who run the European Union or write for the New York TimesA patriotic government need only be honest: simply publicize the truth, highlight the reality of migrants raping and murdering our people - which occurs all the time - and you will begin to change public opinion. No one likes to see their women and children abused and murdered. Salvini did this just recently, denouncing a system which had allowed a drugged up and drunk Moroccan with a criminal record to kill two Italians with his vehicle and pledging with a Dutertist flourish to "wipe drug dealers off the face of the Earth." Guillame Durocher

Health and Nutrition
Mar 17, 2019 - Defending Health Freedom From Informed Consent To Implied Consent

Mar 17, 2019 - If New Gene-edited Cooking Oil is a Scientific Marvel Just Say So - but don’t secretly feed it to us

Political Information
Mar 17, 2019 - The EU Is Steadily Moving Towards Creation Of 1984-Style Ministry Of Truth

The proposal passed by the European Parliament is another indication that the EU bureaucracy is steadily pushing the bloc towards media and political totalitarism. The principle of freedom of speech is becoming abandoned. Most critical positions and reports are labeled "Russian propaganda and disinformation" while grassroots initiatives not loyal to the European establishment or non-mainstream media outlets are described as Russian agents.  Southfront

Political Information
Mar 17, 2019 - Can You Believe This Political Cartoon Came Out in the 1950s !

Mar 17, 2019 - A College "Education" Has Little To Do With Education

Mar 17, 2019 - Colonising The Amazon : Brazil to Open Indigenous Reserves To Mining Without Indigenous Consent

Today, mining companies chomp at the bit, having registered many prospecting requests within indigenous reserves. Minister Albuquerque - an admiral with a long, illustrious military career, and known for getting what he wants - has signalled readiness to help those firms translate their plans into action. However, Brazil's indigenous people, with a history of batting away threats, often against bad odds, are ready to fiercely resist. The lines are drawn for battle, likely in the courts, and potentially all across Brazil.  Sue Branford and Maurício Torres

True US History
Mar 17, 2019 - Trump Moves In For Kill Against Tech Giants—Democrats Respond By Throwing “Psychedelic Warlord” Against Him

Mar 16, 2019 - Shattering cancer with resonant frequencies: Anthony Holland at TEDxSkidmore College

Ron: If you happen to be making a comfortable living as an oncologist or an allopathic doctor, or working directly or indirectly for Big Pharma in some capacity, REMEMBER THIS: One day YOU or someone you love may need Royal Raymond Rife's technologies or their modern incarnations, to ward off the suffering and death caused by cancers, vaccines or degenerative physical conditions that vibrational therapies can heal or ameliorate. Why not get OFF THE FENCE NOW, banish your cognitive dissonance, and start supporting those who are trying to bring the hidden truths about health and everything else INTO THE LIGHT?

A couple of the comments on this video. Most of them are worth reading:

Holland never mentions 2 important facts. 1) He is not the inventor of this technology, Royal Raymond Rife invented this cancer shattering frequency tech and was destroyed for it. Medical science has been sitting on this life saving technology for decades which is medical science fraud. 2) Rife's technology eliminates the need for vaccines. Oops! I have the feeling this Ted talk is nothing more than a limited hangout, because unless Pharmaceutical corporations have a come-to-Jesus moment we won't be seeing drug free, cancer killing tech released any time soon. I wonder if my comment will be accepted?

I bet you discovered antibiotics and that the earth revolves around the sun too! Wow, you're a real pioneer. lol. Rife did more than spark the idea. He went much farther than you, though to my knowledge, he never claimed to have destroyed cancer cells. He did discover the virus-sized pathogen that causes breast cancer ("BX") and that it was pleomorphic and he noted the frequencies for destroying it and it's normal-sized bacterium form. He published with a bunch of other luminaries his experiment of curing 16 of 16 terminal cancer patients at USC/ Scripps Institute. AMA and FDA went after him and destroyed him. I got only as far as AP Bio and I've seen his videos from the 1920's and 30s destroying virus-sized pathogens at 12,000X magnification with his light microscope which is still the highest powered light microscope (up to 61,000X resolution). To see the motion micrographs watch one of the Rife documentaries on YouTube. Patients have been using Rife machines to cure Lyme and other diseases, such as... cancer on their own for decades now, since FDA has shut down any doctor who tries to use one. I wish you much success for reviving his work, it has been desperately needed for 90 years, but please don't claim credit. I want to give you the benefit of the doubt for not lying, but that level of naivete is hard to believe.

Telepathische Nachrichten (div.)

True US History
Mar 16, 2019 - Top Democrat Party Leader Recoils In Fear As Greatest College Scandal In US History Plunges Stake Into Hillary Clinton Heart

True US History
Mar 16, 2019 - Tucker attacked by the Richest Most Twisted Swamp Creatures Ever

This 57' 32" video was published by Amazing Polly on Mar 14, 2019: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5kpayw4PPvU

True US History
Mar 16, 2019 - Trump’s New Attorney General Firebombs Fake Russia Probe—Then Turns Guns On Powerful Sex Cult That Has Hillary Clinton Emails
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If New Gene-edited Cooking Oil is a Scientific Marvel Just Say So - but don’t secretly feed it to us
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Defending Health Freedom From Informed Consent To Implied Consent
If New Gene-edited Cooking Oil is a Scientific Marvel Just Say So - but don’t secretly feed it to us
Shattering cancer with resonant frequencies: Anthony Holland at TEDxSkidmore College
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