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David Crayford and the ITC

Other Spiritual Pieces
Nov 26, 2017 - Gratitude from the Heart of the Center of the Everlasting Residence of THE LOVE..

Les Visible: If Jesus the Christ was victorious over Hell and Death, on our behalf ...and... if all we have to do is recognize and accept this... surrender to the enduring certitude of it... should we not be grateful to the bleeding edge of the possibilities of our awareness? This is said, in honor of the one who bled and still bleeds, to maintain the potential for freedom for anyone, who will take up their cross and follow him. It is the ineffable through his primary and highest manifestation, who took upon himself the sins of this world, in order to perpetuate the continuance of opportunity, for anyone who, at any point, can come to an understanding of what really took place and who was really involved.

Ron: I disagree with these assertions. As I understand it, Jesus the Christ didn't incarnate to take upon himself the sins of this world. He incarnated to end the dominance of Lucifer on this world and to teach or at least point the way to the truth about life the universe and everything. Lucifer's reign, and his opportunity for rehabilitation was to be ended and his lying control over humanity terminated. Jesus' role was to commence the reestablishment and preminence of truth on this world which is what he did. He DID NOT incarnate to "bleed" and sacrifice himself for our sins (mistakes, wilful or otherwise). That LIE was promulgated by Pharisees in order to distort and conceal the truth that every spirit being who incarnates anywhere is responsible for his/her own evolvement (salvation). That means that every spirit individual incarnates to experience life in the physical and to learn through thought and experience to develop (evolve) ever higher consciousness so that they become more godlike through unconditional loving service to the rest of Creation.

Jesus was a perfect model of unconditional love and service which we are called to emulate. Believing that Jesus "sacrificed" himself "FOR" our sins (ignorance and poor judgment resulting in damage to others and the material world) implies that we do not have to do the work necessary to evolve ever greater consciousness. It thus keeps us in an infantile intellectual and spiritual frame of mind in which we deny our personal responsibility for learning to understand ourselves and our world. Believing that Jesus has "saved" us the necessity of personally overcoming and eliminating our errors of judgment in thought, word  and deed prevents our evolution towards god consciousness. It thus stymies our progress in our eternal journey to become godlike, which is the purpose of the Creation.

Political Information
Nov 25, 2017 - Prince Andrew, Jeffrey Epstein, Alan Dershowitz & those underage sex slaves..

Nov 24, 2017 - SSP #3: How Russian Christians took the White House & U.S. Congress & Military

Political Information
Nov 24, 2017 - SSP #2: Artificial Life Form Wars (excerpt from Dr. Beter Letters)

Nov 24, 2017 - SSP #1: Secrets of the Secret Space Program (Intro. to the Dr. Beter Letters)

Human/Animal Rights
Nov 24, 2017 - Gay Adoption Applications Rise, Heterosexual Applications Fall in Britain

Ron: What could possibly go wrong?

Charlie Nash: "Last year, one in seven adoption orders was made by a gay couple," reported the Independent on Thursday. "Wilsons, a private law firm that analysed the figures, noted that the number of gay couples applying for adoption increased from 510 in 2013-2014 to 586 last year."

Meanwhile, the Independent noted that the number of applications from heterosexual couples "has fallen from 4,914 to 3,561."

"The door has really opened now for all kinds of individuals to start their own family. Same-sex adoptions are at a record high, and it may be that the legalisation of gay marriage in 2013 has been a catalyst for more same sex couples to adopt," declared Wilsons associate lawyer Sarah Wood-Heath...

Political Information
Nov 24, 2017 - General Pete Piotrowski Says U.S. Alerted North Vietnamese Before Bombing Strikes-Authorship Confirmed!

truthorfiction.com: The claim that the U.S. notified the North Vietnamese government of airstrikes ahead of time went viral in early 2015 when an excerpt from General Piotrowski's book appeared in chain emails:

"Nearly twenty years later, I saw former Secretary of State Dean Rusk being interviewed by Peter Arnett on a CBS documentary called ‘The Ten Thousand Day War.'  Mr Arnett asked, ‘It has been rumored that the United States provided the North Vietnamese government the names of the targets that would be bombed the following day. Is there any truth to that allegation?'

"To my astonishment and absolute disgust, the former Secretary responded, ‘Yes. We didn't want to harm the North Vietnamese people, so we passed the targets to the Swiss embassy in Washington with instructions to pass them to the NVN government through their embassy in Hanoi."

Nov 24, 2017 - New Children's Books Promote Gender Transitioning to Help Get Australia "Educated"


By telling little boys that is it ok to wear dresses and advocating for hormone therapy at a young age, these books will do more harm them good to the children of Australia. Our schools and libraries should be suppling our children with classic literature, not these sub-par books spouting LGBT ideology.

True US History
Nov 23, 2017 - She Said A Powerful Congressman Harassed Her. Here’s Why You Didn’t Hear Her Story.

Political Information
Nov 23, 2017 - Court dismisses indictments against 5 Jews in ‘wedding of hate’

Ron: Tell me again why you think that Jews have a right to incinerate Palestinian families and to celebrate these murders while demanding the violent death of child survivors. While you are at it, please explain why criticising such barbaric, genocidal Jewish behaviour is anti-semitic HATE SPEECH.

Israel’s Outrage Du Jour: Denying Palestinian Boy Terror Victim’s Rights After He Survived Incineration of His Family. See: http://abundanthope.net/pages/Political_Information_43/Israel-s-Outrage-Du-Jour-Denying-Palestinian-Boy-Terror-Victim-s-Rights-After-He-Survived-Incineration-of-His-Family.shtml

Lieberman– ‘No compensation for Palestinian child firebombed by settlers’. See: http://abundanthope.net/pages/Political_Information_43/Lieberman-No-compensation-for-Palestinian-child-firebombed-by-settlers.shtml

Israelis Celebrate Palestinian Immolation Murders. See: http://abundanthope.net/pages/Political_Information_43/Israelis-Celebrate-Palestinian-Immolation-Murders.shtml

Israeli Hospital Bills the PA for Medical Treatment of Dawabsha Child - http://abundanthope.net/pages/Political_Information_43/Israeli-Hospital-Bills-the-PA-for-Medical-Treatment-of-Dawabsha-Child.shtml

Abu Khdeir, Murdered Palestinian Boy Was Forced to Drink Gasoline, Then Burned to Death. See: http://abundanthope.net/pages/Political_Information_43/Abu-Khdeir-Murdered-Palestinian-Boy-Was-Forced-to-Drink-Gasoline-Then-Burned-to-Death.shtml

Israel – They Burn Babies, Don’t They ? See: http://abundanthope.net/pages/Political_Information_43/Israel-They-Burn-Babies-Don-t-They.shtml

Burned alive by Israelis. See: http://abundanthope.net/pages/Political_Information_43/Burned-alive-by-Israelis.shtml

Political Information
Nov 23, 2017 - Trump Points Americans to Historical Foundation of Giving Thanks to God

In his first year in office, on October 3, 1789, President George Washington set a precedent for his successors in office, showing that there is a role that a secular president can play in the faith-based life of the nation he leads.

Washington began, "Whereas it is the duty of all nations to acknowledge the Providence of Almighty God, to obey his will, to be grateful for his benefits, and humbly to implore his protection and favor," that therefore he was proclaiming "a day of public thanksgiving and prayer to be observed by acknowledging with grateful hearts the many signal favors of Almighty God."

Other Spiritual Pieces
Nov 23, 2017 - New Jersey Woman Raises More Than $200K for Homeless Man Who Bought Her Gasoline

According to McClure, Johnny - who takes care of two other men under a bridge in the area - told her to lock her car doors and that he would return.

Johnny told her to sit tight and that he would spend his last $20 to buy gas a few blocks away. "He said, ‘I'll be back. Trust me,'" McClure told the Inquirer.

Ten minutes after speaking with McClure, Johnny returned with a gallon of gas that he had bought with his last $20.

Political Information
Nov 23, 2017 - Soros-Linked NGO Demands EU Accept 540,000 Migrants From ‘Poor Countries’

Ron: When reading George Soros' Judaic propaganda ask yourself: "How many poverty stricken Africans could Soros elevate out of poverty and into genuine comfort and prosperity in their own countries IF he spent his 18 billion USD Open Society Foundation funds on solving their socio-economic problems at home instead of using it to destabilise and destroy the religion and culture of EU and Anglo-US nations by shipping them to those places.

Virginia Hale: Hungary's assertion that Soros wants Brussels to resettle at least one million immigrants per year onto European Union territory was marked "false", in the statement, which pointed to an op-ed penned by the arch-globalist last year, which said the EU should make a "commitment to admit even a mere 300,000 refugees annually".

But this fails to take into account the vast amount of money spent by Soros on NGOs and other organisations working to promote open borders for Europe, and helping migrants reach the continent. The IRC is one such organisation, not only receiving funding from the Open Society Foundations, but was also selected by Soros as one of the bodies working to "create principles" guiding the Hungarian billionaire's $500 million "investment" in migrant-related initiatives that he announced last year... As Breitbart London reported in September, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán denounced the mass migration agenda aggressively pushed by Soros's "Open Society" network as a means to eradicate Europe's cultures and Christian identity.

"The Soros network has an extensive sphere of influence within the European Parliament and other EU bodies," Orbán said, stating that the network aims "to build a Europe of mixed population and to condemn the Hungarian government for opposing their view on migration".

Earlier that month, Soros transferred $18 billion to his Open Society Foundations to ensure his activism  - which, as well as seeking to tear down borders in Western nations, also aims to disempower police and "mobilise" ethnic minorities against the interests of indigenous Europeans  - continues after the 87-year-old's death.

Political Information
Nov 23, 2017 - New Group Promotes Jewish Kurdish Alliance & Kurdish Statehood

That cannot be coincidental that these Israeli firsters picked the 70 anniversary date of the successful UN vote to partition Palestine as the date for their "first of a kind" conference, all about partitioning other nations for Israel 2.0 aka Kurdistan

"It's natural that such an event should take place in Israel, which is today the best ally of Kurdistan today, and perhaps its only one, unfortunately," said Rubinfeld, who began lobbying for the Kurdish national cause two years ago. "There is widespread understanding of the rightfulness of the Kurdish cause and its strategic importance" in Israel, he added.
... Rubinfeld added that the Israeli flag is to many Kurds a second national symbol "because they identify with Israel and the Jews."

Iraq's parliament in Baghdad voted last month to criminalize flying the Israeli flag in the country, after they appeared at several Kurdish rallies in the lead up and aftermath of the referendum.

Double think.
Both people stand up for what they label as western values such as destabilization, ethnic cleansing, intolerance and supporting fanaticism to the extreme? While destroying nations, culture and history. These are not my values and I'm from the so called west. Since they don't stand for me or my values.. then I cannot accept their claim- It's as simple as that! - Penny

Political Information
Nov 23, 2017 - U.S., Afghan aircraft target Taliban's poppy facilities

Ron: Finally, the Trump Administration is interdicting the CIA's drug trade out of Afghanistan as part of draining the global swamp.

Political Information
Nov 23, 2017 - Syria - This U.S. Occupation - Or "Presence" - Is Unsustainable

The north-east of Syria is surrounded by forces hostile to the U.S. On top of that many Syrian people in the now occupied north-eastern Syria continue to be loyal to the Syrian state. Syrian, Turkish, Iranian and Hizbullah intelligence are working on the ground. There are lots of local Arabs hostile to Kurdish overbearance. The U.S. bases, outposts and all its transports in the area may soon come under sustained fire. While Russia said that it will not intervene against the U.S. allied SDF forces, many other entities have motives and means to do so.

The mission of the 1,700+ U.S. troops in north-east Syria is undefined. Their supply routes are unsecured and can be blocked by its enemies at any time. The local population is largely hostile to them. All of the surrounding countries and entities have reasons to attain the end of any U.S. presence in the area as soon as possible. It would require a ground force that is at least ten-twenty times larger to secure the U.S. presence and its communication and supply routes.

Political Information
Nov 23, 2017 - Sochi Meeting: Turkey, Russia, Iran Back Syria's Sovereignty

The warm and cordial welcome extended to the Syrian president by Vladimir Putin and senior Russian officials - mainly generals led by the Minister of Defense, Sergei Shoigu, who were taking part in defense-related talks - sends strong signals that, for Russia, Assad is not only part of the solution for Syria, but also a legitimate leader who the Kremlin expects to stay in power for some years.

Political Information
Nov 23, 2017 - Lament for a Society of Shame

If I have enjoyed the hospitality of the Host of this universe, Who daily spreads a table in my sight, surely I cannot do less than acknowledge my dependence.

G.A. Johnston Ross

Human/Animal Rights
Nov 23, 2017 - Libyan Slave Markets Create Diplomatic Storm In Africa, UN Security Council To Meet

Tyler  Durden: Concerning Obama, despite his general Libya mea culpa, the Nobel Peace Prize winning "humanitarian" minded architect of the 2011 US-NATO intervention (and ultimate author of Libya's current hell) continues to pen his presidential memoir in the midst of an epic retirement tour of yachts, golf courses, and hidden celebrity islands.

Meanwhile, Libya still burns out of control, and America's first black president, though surely able to command immense influence even from retirement, remains silent on the resurrection of a barbaric slave trade which didn't exist in modern Libya prior to his own intervention there.


Few Americans have any understanding of what happened to Libya six years ago. Even fewer know the significance of what is taking place there now. The US-led war on Libya was erased from historical memory before it reached popular consciousness. To remember Libya and more specifically Gaddafi’s dream is to remember the destruction of an African revolution. This African revolution possessed many attributes that struggling people in the US, especially the poor, would admire.

Political Information
Nov 23, 2017 - Russia Slams US “occupation” of Syria

Telepathische Nachrichten (div.)

Translations - Others
Nov 23, 2017 - Italian: Seraphin Messaggio 319: Controllare le Vostre Circostanze; Il Movimento Eterno

Gekanaliseerde berichten Anderen


Other Spiritual Pieces
Nov 23, 2017 - Why is it So Hard to Feel Gratitude?

Thanksgiving is a time to think about the glass half-full rather than half-empty, a time to think of what's right instead of what's wrong.

Political Information
Nov 23, 2017 - All The Old World Systems Are Being Deliberately Torn Down

Brandon Smith: The problem is, the establishment is never satisfied with a static or semi-peaceful system for very long. They are not satisfied by being MOSTLY in control, they seek total control. Thus, they are often willing to create chaos and crisis and even tear down old structures that previously benefited them in order to gain something even greater (and more oppressive for the rest of us).

[Ron: Arguably what this author calls "the establishment" is merely a melange of shabbos puppets and bought and paid for Talmudic commentators and enablers. Why he fails or refuses to NAME the real problem is unclear. Perhaps its due to  ignorance. Whatever his reasons he needs to be told that 'its  the Jews stupid'!  And a cursory glance at the Torah will tell him (and you) that the process of tearing down the political, moral, social and cultural structures that underpin any and every gentile society on this planet is, and has been for well over two millenia, the avowed goal of the Pharisees and neo-Pharisees however they currently CHOOSE to label themselves.

Brandon Smith: It is important to remember that while oil and gas only make up about 10 percent of international trade, these are perhaps the most important commodities in the industrial world. Energy from petroleum sources is a root feeding all other trade and production.

Ron: This statement is, at best, ignorant and delusional. But arguably, it may be deliberate disinformation since the truth in these matters is now well known. The only reason that oil and gas are the most important commodities in the industrial world is that the Jew banksters and corporatists like the Rockefellers and Rothschilds have controlled the US and the global economy for the last century and have surpressed the scientific discoveries and electro-gravitic (free enegy) inventions and devices of Nikola Tesla and others in order to monopolise trade in power supplies and transport modes.

Brandon Smith: But, what many analysts mistake as a "positive move" by the East away from Western control is actually a deliberate dismantling of the old monetary order by the globalist establishment with the intent of creating a new world order.

Ron: NO it isn't! The moves by Russia and China and their BRICs associates and other allies is designed to free our world of the tyranny imposed by Jew banksters and corporatists who have used the USD and US military to control and enslave the gentile world.

Brandon Smith: Once again we see that the deconstruction of the old is almost always pursued to the benefit of the same people that have always been in control.

Ron: I disagree. Presidents, Putin, Xi and Trump are Christed individuals forming a Triodity that will free our world of Jew banksters and corporatists and their Talmudic monetary enslavement system as well as their Deep State militarised enforcement system.

Political Information
Nov 23, 2017 - How on Earth Are We Allowing George W. Bush's Reputation to Be Rehabilitated?

In short, isn't it a little early to begin rehabilitating the man responsible for indefinite detention at Guantánamo, "enhanced interrogation techniques," and the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and at least 150,000 Afghans -- not to mention the trillions of U.S. dollars shoved down the memory hole in pursuit of the futile wars that followed ?

Political Information
Nov 23, 2017 - How They Do It–New group promotes Jewish-Kurdish alliance, Kurdish statehood

ed note–consider other such groups that exist/have existed in the past–

Iraqi National Congress–set up by the CIA/Israel in order to legitimize the overthrow of the regime of Saddam Hussein.

The National Liberation Army of Libya–set up by the CIA/Israel in order to legitimize the overthrow of the regime of Ghaddafi

Mujaheddin e Khaalq–set up by the CIA/Israel in order to legitimize the overthrow of the government of the Islamic Republic Of Iran.

Free Syrian Army–set up by the CIA/Israel in order to legitimize the overthrow of the regime of Baashar Al Assad

Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK)–set up by the CIA/Israel in order to legitimize the overthrow Turkish control of Turkish Kurdistan.

And now we have organized Jewish interests all of the suddenly getting VERY interested in the ‘freedom, dignity and human rights’ of the Kurds, who just so happen to occupy parts of Syria, Turkey, Iran, and Iraq, a ‘perfect storm’ scenario in creating/causing political turmoil, civil war, and ‘human rights abuses’ that can then be exploited by Judea, Inc in maneuvering/mobilizing the armies of the West into initiating military activities against the 4 aforementioned countries which right now are scheduled for overthrow by the Jewish state.

Political Information
Nov 23, 2017 - Pope Francis Slams Globalist Culture That Considers It Normal to ‘Kill Children’ Through Abortion

Ron: Pope Francis appears to be exiting the Talmudic reservation...

Political Information
Nov 23, 2017 - Putin orders Russian companies to be ready for urgent transition to war-time operations

Political Information
Nov 23, 2017 - Secret Document FCO 30/1048 Kept Truth About EU From British for 30 Years

The writer and journalist Christopher Booker, one of the founders of the satirical magazine Private Eye, said: "Here was a civil servant advising that our politicians should connive in concealing what Heath was letting us in for, not least in hiding the extent to which Britain would no longer be a democratic country but one essentially governed by unelected and unaccountable officials.

Other Spiritual Pieces
Nov 23, 2017 - The Attention of Our Minds and the Affections of Our Hearts and The Greatest Commandment.

Dog Poet Transmitting

Political Information
Nov 23, 2017 - Informed Consent : A Vital and Basic Human Right for Our Health Freedom

Informed consent was an established basic human right for our health freedom after a Doctors Trial in Nuremberg 1947. However, in recent times, there has been a disturbing growing trend where the medical ethical principle of informed consent has been violated.

Political Information
Nov 23, 2017 - Yemen’s Collective Starvation: Where Money Can’t Buy Food, Water or Medicine

The Saudi Coalition blockade of north Yemen's port and airport is not designed for keeping weapons out, as is their stated goal; to be sure, the revolutionaries with the Al-Ansar cause are not hard pressed to funnel illegal activity through the heavily-surveilled access points when there are two thousand miles of coastline. Instead, the blockade of al-Hodeidah and Sana'a airport cuts the most heavily populated areas of Yemen off from food, water, medicine, and fuel. Desperate calls from all of the humanitarian efforts currently maintaining this lifeline to millions have set the direness of the situation in stark terms: hundreds of people die every day as a direct result of the blockade.

Human/Animal Rights
Nov 23, 2017 - Wiping the Stain of Capital Punishment Clean

Stephen Cooper: So as Thanksgiving preparations thrust into high gear, take to Twitter, to Facebook, to the streets even, and make your voices heard. Tell the Supreme Court you've had enough of the state-sanctioned killing of overwhelmingly poor, disproportionately minority men and women - most of whom were condemned as famed death penalty attorney Stephen Bright long ago observed- because they had the worst lawyer, not because they committed the worst crime.

Ron: The fact that the system under which the death penalty has been operated is defective and unjust and/or has been applied unequally to some groups in society and not others is not an argument for abolishing it. Society is capable of reforming the process so that it is just and effective. There may be cases in which society is justified in eliminating from its midst an individual(s) whose behaviour has been heinous and who is properly deemed to have no ability to be rehabilitated. In such cases society has no obligation to bear the burden of incarcerating and properly caring for say, a mass murderer for the term of his natural life. However, if  society does decide to incarcerate rather than execute, say, a mass murderer, that individual should be made to earn his/her keep by hard labour. The idea that society must provide a murderer with a comfortable, subsidised lifestyle for life is unsound.

Nov 23, 2017 - OECD Fails to Recognize WWF Conservation Abuses

It should be a serious concern that WWF is breaking OECD Guidelines and destroying the Baka, but an additional disgrace is for bodies such as the NCP - which exist to further those Guidelines - to let it get away with it. If the NCP acts as a steward, then who holds it to account when it fails to do its job?

In fact, there is a consortium of NGOs and companies founded with this end in mind. It's the Dutch-based "OECD Watch," but our tragedy morphs from George Orwell to Lewis Carroll with the realization that WWF is, itself, a member!

Political Information
Nov 23, 2017 - Saad Hariri Returns to Lebanon as PM – Lebanon Sees off Saudi Blackmail

While Hariri has lost some credibility due to being bamboozled by Saudi Arabia, while still not publicly confessing to the true nature of events in public, he has also became an accidental symbol of Lebanese resilience, insofar as politicians from parties who oppose Hariri's policies rallied around the constitutional order which demanded the return of an effectively kidnapped head of government.

Political Information
Nov 23, 2017 - US Military Fraud Endemic in Overseas Operations

As the United States has over-extended its military realm into the Middle East, South Asia, Africa, Europe, the Asia-Pacific, and Latin America, corruption within so-called "Areas of Responsibility" assigned to regional US military commands has run rampant.

True US History
Nov 22, 2017 - Criminologist estimates as many as 2,000 serial murderers wandering the streets of the US

Political Information
Nov 22, 2017 - Nefesh B’Nefesh to hold multiple fairs across North America

True US History
Nov 22, 2017 - Israel demands extra 1.37 bln USD for defense budget over Syria situation

by TUT editor


XINHUA NET - "There has been a major and dramatic change that led us to request a supplement to the defense budget," the minister said during a briefing for reporters. According to Lieberman, the main changes included a deep Russian involvement in Syria, in addition to Iranian presence and the introduction of more accurate missiles owned by Hezbollah, an Iran-backed Lebanese militia.

Health and Nutrition
Nov 22, 2017 - How Social Media is Socially Stunting our Society

Rita Winters: He related the rise of the information age to the majority of the population becoming anti-social, unhappy, and anxious. Negative events, such as increases in mass shootings, diagnosis of depression, anxiety, and reports of suicide are his examples of the downsides of this tech craze.

Ron: I disagree. Arguably ALL of these negative influences are deliberately created by Deep State controlled governments and corporations. Arguably, the addiction many people may have to personal misuse of information technologies is an effect rather than a cause. For instance, the MSM is a mind control technology and its false and misleading FAKE NEWS and opinion content is a deliberate result of Deep State manipulation of that content, and vicious coercion of the purveyors of that content to ensure that the general population is ignorant and fearful.

Moreover, mass shootings are invariably false flag events organised by Deep State operatives and they are deliberately designed to create mass hysteria and fear in the population. Similarly, the usurious banking system guarantees continually growing unemployment and the steadily increasing indebtedness and impoverishment of 99% of the population. That situation is reinforced by Deep State criminal cabals controlling governments and other corporations providing FAKE news, information and education, deleterious health care and pharmaceuticals, inadequate insurance, poisonous food and water supplies, third rate and destructive power supplies and transportation options, continual criminal violence and warfare globally, etc.

ALL of these factors are causing anxiety, FEAR, depression and suicide. In that context, suggesting that the majority of the population is becoming 'anti-social, unhappy, and anxious' as a result of the tech craze is, at best, ridiculous and possibly deliberate disinformation.

Although the social media craze, just like the computer game craze that preceeded it, is no doubt another negative influence harming real human welfare and social life. The social media addiction has been deliberately fostered by the corporatists who have also created the widespread anxiety, unhappiness and anti-social situations that have preceeded it for a century and longer. See eg: Facebook Founder Warns "God Only Knows What It's Doing To Kids' Brains". See: http://abundanthope.net/pages/Political_Information_43/Facebook-Founder-Warns-God-Only-Knows-What-It-s-Doing-To-Kids-Brains.shtml

And: How Facebook and google Threaten Public Health - and Democracy - http://abundanthope.net/pages/Political_Information_43/How-Facebook-and-Google-Threaten-Public-Health-and-Democracy.shtml In other words the social media craze is an escapism similar to drug addiction, that merely represents more of the same, NOT a primary or major cause of our global  societal dystopia which has been ceated over centuries if not millenia.


Rita Winters: The mental health of the global population is deteriorating and is mostly due to anxieties produced by social media.

Ron: NO it isn't. Most of the gentile global population has deteriorated intellectually, psychologically and spiritually as a result an intense barrage of Talmudic physical damage and mental indoctrination and propaganda buttressed by continued Jew bankster instigated violence and warfare foisted on gentile humanity for centuries if not millenia. Fortunately, large scale incarnations by Star Seed beings from higher dimensions augmented by increasing vibrational energies from the centre of the galaxy are upgrading our degraded human DNA and countering much of the negativity causing the global dystopia which has engulfed our planet. The result will be the cleansing of this planet as the Triodity of Presidents Trump, Putin and Xi drain the US and global Deep State swamp. As that occurs this planet will experience a Magnetic Reversal that will greatly assist the cleansing process. So be it.

Political Information
Nov 22, 2017 - US-led Anti-ISIS Coalition Under-reports Civilian Deaths - and the Media Lets Them Get Away with it

Khan and Gopal found "a consistent failure by the coalition to investigate claims properly or to keep records that make it possible to investigate the claims at all."

Perhaps that would not be the case if those in the mainstream media were putting the pressure on the US military to properly investigate reports of civilians deaths and casualties. But just as there is no will within the military to investigate these incidents, there is no will within the media to properly investigate or hold military officials accountable. Nor is there, unsurprisingly, much political will in Washington DC to investigate civilian deaths caused by American military operations.

Political Information
Nov 22, 2017 - Lord King, former Bank of England governor, says global banking system 'not safe'

When characters like this state the obvious it's time to stash some more under the mattress....


Political Information
Nov 22, 2017 - Black money projects are killing the economy: interview with Ellen Brown

Political Information
Nov 22, 2017 - Presidents of Russia, Iran and Turkey Meet to Discuss Peace for Syria:

Today's meeting was not a watershed moment in terms of providing a unified front for a final peace settlement to Syria. As al-Nusra terrorists still remain active in parts of Syria, such a hope was overly ambitious in any case.

What today's meeting did show however, is that those who will establish the penultimate mechanisms of peace will be the governments of Russia, Iran and Turkey. The US and EU by contrast, are far from central to any settlement. Today's events also demonstrated that Turkey is going to have to be in the same room as pro-Ba'ahist political leaders and deal with the situation maturely while Iran will have to do the same in respect of being in a room with crypto-Takfiris.

Political Information
Nov 22, 2017 - Russia In Syria - Military 'Failure' Sets Off Intense Diplomacy

Syria's will to fight, the reliability of its allies and Russian military competence have turned the war around. The Putin-Assad meeting in Sochi sets the foundations for a lasting peace.

There are remaining challenges: Al-Qaeda still controls Idleb governate, Israel protects Jihadi groups along the Golan heights, 1,700 U.S. soldiers and their Kurdish proxy forces try to establish themselves in north-east Syria. The Zionist lobby is pressing in Washington to prolong the war. It will take another year or two, and require more fighting, to overcome these issues. But the conditions to solve the remaining problems are now clearly in place. The diplomatic push by Russia and Syria will find solutions for many if not most of the unsettled problems.

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Nov 22, 2017 - Despite Initial Promise, Israel Moves to Seize Private Palestinian Land in West Bank it stole ‘by mistake’

The state has said it is attempting to legalize the expropriation of some 45 dunams that are part of the West Bank settlement of Ofra and were initially seized ‘by mistake’.

ed note–it was not originally seized ‘by mistake’. Israel–by virtue of the commandments handed down within the Torah–consider ALL the land of the Middle East to be part of ‘the Jewish State’ and are actively engaged in the program of gobbling up everything and even if it takes 1,000 years. Unless and until sane people come to grips with the fact that it is not just ‘Zionism’ that is the problem, but indeed the racist, supremacist, rapacious, theft-sanctioning, anti-Gentile precepts contained within Torah Judaism, there will never come any rational, productive solution to this age-old problem.

Human/Animal Rights
Nov 22, 2017 - What Are You Grateful For ?

Image: What are you grateful for? 5 reasons to balance frustrations with intentional gratitude

Political Information
Nov 22, 2017 - Twitter Hate Speech Police Ready to Punish Users for Sites they Visit on the Web

Hit with a serious case of "Trump Derangement Syndrome" coupled with a dose of "Russian Meddling Disease", Twitter executives are ramping up their hate-speech surveillance to include not only the Twitter platform, but also monitoring sites visited by users outside the Twitter eco-system.

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