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Is UN proxy occupation of Haiti masking US securing oil/gas reserves from Haiti
Jul 9, 2008 - 1:23:00 PM

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Is UN proxy occupation of Haiti masking US securing oil/gas reserves from Haiti

OK folks, these are just Ezili Dantò's random thoughts....of the day.

For  four years now, since the 2004 Bush regime change in Haiti begin, I have pretty much been begging folks concerned with Haitian development to help HLLN discover what the US is really doing in Haiti, with its natural resources. Especially Haiti's oil and gas reserves, which we've been given information to believe is located in La Gonave, Ile-à-Vache, Cayes, and that there are gas/oil reserves near Aquin. We've even been given information to suggest that the oil reserves located in Haiti are being tapped into from outside of Haiti, from Guantanamo Bay by the US. And given some indication that the head of the oil reserves that feed Venezuela comes, originates out of Haitian territory. All this is not established facts of course. Just random info given from folks, some claiming to be involve or have been involved in working on with the UN/US or in the drilling, some just knowledgeable observers concerned about the poorest of the poor in Haiti, but who don't want to lose their officialdom jobs by exposing their names.

No one but Ezili's HLLN seems to think it EXTREMELY strange that the US and Canada have just built new, MASSIVE embassies in Haiti. The US Embassy in Haiti is so huge, it looks like a college campus, a more than 50million building in a country that's facing FAMINE.. Why do they need such a huge new investment in Haiti? To serve the needs of poor, hopeless Haitians?

Just now someone who know this interests of ours, called to ask us to watch C-SPAN. Apparently, four US Congressmen are being televised talking about how there is 1-1/2 trillion barrels of oil/gas  45-miles off the shores of the US. Reportedly, they did not give the EXACT location of where this 1-1/2 trillion oil/gas reserves is.

So, could it be in Haiti? Inquiring minds want to know and this is a CALL to all of you who read my work to pay ATTENTION. Please, these white settlers have, historically FLEECED the poor masses in Haiti, and there is NO REASON to assume this is not continuing. We don't want to find out 50-years from now, exactly why Bush landed so much shock in owe on the starving masses of Black Haiti from 2004 until today. We know slavery was always about economic gains and the white settlers' greed and exploitation of the resources of other countries. Bush didn't invade Haiti to protect the Black Haitian masses' human rights!!!! That's for sure.

So, if you can get your hands on the transcript of this C-SPAN coverage of the Energy Commission that was aired today, June 10, 2009 please share it with HLLN.

The HLLN supporter that called to express suspicion indicated that these Congressmen normally have these meetings on the public record for a reason, but if the information is not intended for public viewing, they pick odd hours or, non-prime time hours to have their pow wows.

So, look for the transcript for today's C-SPAN - where four members of Congress from the Energy Committee are talking on the floor of Congress about the fact that the US needs to drill for oil,  so  "why are we (US) drilling so far away from the United States, when Communist Cuba and Communist China are drilling for oil and gas reserve 45 miles off coast of US." This is a direct quote from the person who called to report this to HLLN. He indicated that "45-miles off the coast of the US" probably means there is drilling for oil by China just 45-miles "outside US international waters."

I found it highly implausible that the Pentagon would actually allow Communist Cuba to be drilling for oil. But our caller replied the "higher you go in the money game - the "isms" disappear. The commun-ism, neoliberal-ism, et al.

But then we found this New York Times, May 9, 2006 article which Indicating that "In 1977, the United States and Cuba signed a treaty that evenly divided the Florida Straits to preserve each country's economic rights. They included access to vast underwater oil and gas fields on both sides of the line. Now, with energy costs soaring, plans are under way to drill this year — but all on the Cuban side.

With only modest energy needs and no ability of its own to drill, Cuba has negotiated lease agreements with China and other energy-hungry countries to extract resources for themselves and for Cuba.

Cuba's drilling plans have been in place for several years, but now that China, India and others are involved and fuel prices are unusually high, a growing number of lawmakers and business leaders in the United States are starting to complain…."

So, in 1977 did Baby Doc sell Haiti out? Why is Haiti not involved if Cuba borders Haiti and Cuba has this oil. Why is that Cuban oil only on ONE side of Cuba and not in the Windward Passage to the Northeast of Haiti? The countries that border Cuba should know if the geographical survey that talks of this oil did not also show this oil is within their sovereign waters? I think Caricom and Haiti needs to look at this 1977 United States Geological Survey survey? (See, "Cuba Plans Offshore Wells Banned in U.S. Waters by MICHAEL JANOFSKY , New York Times, Published: May 9, 2006 ).

Why have these folks been sitting on this US oil reserves in US waters, for so long, and the US is fighting in Iraq for oil real estate? The US public crippled by high gas prices? And, if the oil reserves in Cuba is not that big as this article wants to indicate: "The United States Geological Survey estimates that the energy field on Cuba's side alone may have 4.6 billion barrels of oil and 9.8 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. That much energy is equivalent to just a few months of the United States' total energy consumption."

So, if that's true, then why is, at the end of the article, we find out that "Last week, American business executives visited lawmakers on Capitol Hill to lobby for any change in policy that would open up coastal waters, particularly those near Cuba." Why have this off-hour hearing today, where four Republican congressmen are complaining, on the record, about China and Cuba drilling for oil, if the oil reserves in Cuba is only "equivalent to just a few months of the United States' total energy consumption.?"

It doesn't add up. HLLN has more reason now than ever to believe that there is vast oil/gas reserves in Haiti, as Haitian attorney Osner Fèvry has indicated years ago, that will take the next "100 years" to fully exploit. Not much else, other than Haiti's Gold, copper, iridium, underwater treasures and other mineral riches explains the massive US, UN military presence in a country whose homicide rate, per capital,  is LESS than that of the Caribbean tourist destination countries and even that of the United States.

So, Haitians, Black and Brown everywhere, it's time to stop GETTING PLAYED and wake up. All is not what is seems. That's Ezili Dantò's gut feeling. But we need more proof. The Internationals could be drilling in Guantanamo Cuba or even Venezuela, BUT the oil/gas reserves they are TAPPING into is not only in Haiti's Windward passage waters but out of HAITI - in La Gonave, La Tortue, or in the area of Port-de-Paix, or Dame-Marie.( NDT.  even In Leon, Tabarre etc.   Those Luciferian crooks called UN are steeling oil and Gas and all the haitian treasure from under the see for those mot.... american zionists government via our f.... leaders who only know there own interests.  The plan is to kill every single haitian to oversize the country in placing a Prime Minister for a 10 to 25 five years after disabling the so Call Prseident that we have here.  Haiti's right now divided into gangs - police gangs, presidential counselors gangs, political party gangs, Representatives gangs, Senate gangs ... all kidnapping and killing haitian people with the help of Brazilian, Chilian and others country actually in the UN here in Haiti.  Those traitors won't ever need any army on the soil other than the UN because of their implications in steeling haitians property even goats and cows.  Remember the recent visit of Brazilian President LULA DA SILVA in Haiti, President Preval told him : " WELCOME HOME".  Doesn't that ring a bell?   Former President Aristide the drug dealer who outsmart the Washinton piggery in seizing its drug has confessed having sold Haiti to those F... Clinton and Bush families by saying: " Haitian people, i have don something very nasty, very wrong".  This Rene Preval is  prisonner of his kabal, and after creating Bagdad Operations in 2004 to please his F.... american, he is now dying slowly and wnat to take Haiti with him. 
    Sorry for you mot...., You and your kabal are going to diasppear very very soon, and it will be sooner than you think and so does the US in the next few days.

To recap, the US Congressmen speaking on the floor of Congress today, June 10, 2008, on the need to drill closer to the US, reportedly indicated there was 1-1/2 TRILLION in oil/gas reserves only 45 miles off the coast of the US. This was a C-SPAN coverage of US Congressmen, from the Energy Committee, speaking on the floor of Congress. The four US Congressmen speaking on the floor of Congress at the time this info was sent to HLLN were all Republicans and included: Congressman Phil Gingey;  Georgia Congressman Paul Broun; Fred Upton, Republican from Michigan, and Republican from Oklahoma, Tom Kole. Also present was Congressman Tim Walberg, Republican from Michigan.

Remember folks, HLLN was the first to report and continually,  the humanitarian aid workers and UN peacekeepers molesting and abusing Haitian people and children. Now, it's something even Save the Children is reporting. Finally, at least on that front, we don't look so RADICAL and off-base. But as one reporter told me recently, there was a time, when no one took us seriously on humanitarians abusing Haitians, because we are "Haitians" and, uhmm, "not capable of being "objective" about what white folks are doing to Haitians!!!!"

So, please look into this fleecing of Haiti. Save lives, validate our insights and humanity. HLLN doesn't have the resources to hire qualified private international investigators for this matter yet, So, share with HLLN any and all information you may have on where there is oil and gas reserves that is 45 minutes off the coast of the US and, any information you have come across that indicates, oil and gas reserves in Haiti being stolen behind this UN/US occupation of Haiti.

Men anpil chay pa lou - many hands make light a heavy load.

Ezili Danto
Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network
June 10, 2008


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