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Political Information : True US History Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

The Socialism Of The Federal Reserve
By Jacob G. Hornberger with comments by Ron
Nov 27, 2019 - 8:24:15 PM

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The Federal Reserve is the federal entity charged with determining the quantity of money in the American economy. To boost the economy, it expands the money supply. If the economy gets too "overheated," it slows the rate of increase.

In other words, the Fed is the government's [Ron: privately owned and controlled] monetary central planner. It [Ron: demands complete independence from US government oversight and/or control while it] plans the monetary affairs of hundreds of millions of people through [Ron: emission and usurious distribution of trillions of counterfeit dollars that are actually fiat debt tokens which commentators misleadingly refer to as] monetary manipulation.

Central planning is a core principle of socialism. Central planning rejects the concept of economic liberty and free markets, which rely on the absence of government interference. Instead, it relies on a board of government officials who make economic decisions for hundreds of thousands or millions of people in a top-down, command-and-control manner.

As anyone from Venezuela, Cuba, and North Korea can attest, socialist central planning always produces crises. That's because the central planners can never attain the required knowledge to  plan a complex market, especially one involving hundreds of millions of participants engaged in countless economic transactions. This is especially true given that people's subjective valuations are constantly changing. There is no way that the planners can keep up with those changes in valuations.

That's what produces the crises.

[Ron: I disagree. Arguably the collapse of the Roman Empire was due to money manipualtion and usury by Pharisees; and the banking collapse and catastrophic Western European economic depression in the 14th century was due to money manipulation and usury imposed by the Black Nobility and their Venetian Empire. See eg: How Venice Rigged The First, and Worst, Global Financial Collapse -

Similarly, virtually all economic collapses including the impoverishment of the British colonies in America which precipitated the American War of Independence and all the rescessions, depressions and Famines since then in Russia, the Ukraine and the Western world including the Great Depression, the German inflations in 1923 and the early 1930s, and the global banking collapse in 2008, have been due to deliberate actions by the Talmudic banksters who controlled British, US and Western European banking throughout that period. Pretending that those monetary collapses  were not planned by the Central Banksters is absurd. The implication that "the planners" simply couldn't keep up with 'changes in valuations' is disinformation. The banksters determine the valuations, and whether they are going to increase or decrease, by manipulating the availability of their fiat debt tokens and the interest rates they choose to charge on them. In other words: PLANNING BY THE BANKSTERS DOES PRODUCE THE CRISES.].

Friedrich Hayek, the Nobel Prize winning libertarian economist, called it the "fatal conceit" of the planner, the mindset that convinces the planner that he has the requisite knowledge to plan a complex, ever-changing market.

[Ron: A libertarian Nobel Prize winning economist WOULD say thay wouldn't he! Ya don't get a Noble Prize for telling the gentiles HOW and WHY they are enslaved do ya?!  HOW is granting private banksters a licence to decide monetary policy and interest rates on a completely uncontrolled and unaudited basis NOT granting the private banksters a licence to conduct CENTRAL PLANNING? The fact that governments OURSOURCE the function to an anonymous cabal of JOOish banksters doesn't somehow make their planning processes unplanned and  organic.].

For more than 100 years, the official money of the United States was gold coins and silver coins, as established by the Constitution. During most of that entire time, there was no Federal Reserve or central bank.

That gold-coin, silver-coin standard provided the soundest money in history. Along with a system based on no income taxation, no immigration controls, no welfare state, no warfare state, and very few economic regulations, America's monetary system was a major factor in the tremendous increase in rise of the standard of living of the American people in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

In the early 1900s, Americans began giving serious consideration to socialist ideas. The enactment of the Federal Reserve in 1913 was part of that trend. So was the adoption of the federal income tax that same year.

[Ron: This is disinformation. USans generally were NOT giving serious consideration to socialist ideas! The rockefellers and their ilk were, but not the general populace. Arguably there was NO popular TREND and most USans DID NOT consider socialist ideas, seriously or otherwise. Rather, the Rothschilds and Rockefeller banksters and their minions started ramping up Talmudic propaganda consistent with the Fabian and Communist ideologies promulgated by Jews like Marx on behalf of the Jew banksters who controlled most banks and large corporations and tax free foundations. In fact the establishment of the Federal Reserve System and the IRS was really a Jewish COUP perpetrated at Christmas 1913 when very few elected members were still attending Congress.].

in the 1920s, the Fed began experimenting with expanding the supply of U.S. debt instruments, which promised to pay gold coins and silver coins. When holders of such debt instruments began redeeming their debt instruments by demanding gold and silver, the Fed panicked because they didn't have the money to honor all the debt instruments they had issued. They began contracting the money supply and ended up over-contracting. Their monetary central planning led to the 1929 stock market crash and then the Great Depression.

[Ron: This pastiche of LIES is half true in that the Fed DID contract the money supply after having deliberately over-expanded it, BUT neither of those actions was an acccident nor was the contraction of the money supply caused by panic on the part of the banksters. The Great Depression was deliberately created by the banksters with their typical credit "Pump and Dump"technique in order to steal huge amounts of wealth from USans by forclosing on loans and seizing properties for pennies on the dollar when loans could no longer be serviced because of the shortage of "money" in the economy. In addition the banksters were setting the scene for a socialist takeover via a violent COUP but that was quashed by General Smedley Butler who the Talmudists had recruited to lead the putsch but he was a patriot and thwarted their plan. See eg: General Smedley Butler: The US Business Plot in 1933 -

However the banksters still largely achieved their goals in that they bankrupted the US corporation and established a fraudulent criminal arrangement whereunder they secretly enslaved virtually the entire US population. See eg: An Investigative Report Re the US Strawman UCC/Redemption Process By Barton A. Buhtz See:

The Bankruptcy of The United States By James Traficant, Jr. See:

US Congress: House Joint Resolution 192 of June 5, 1933. See:


Colonel Edward Mandell House Predicts the Creation of the STRAWMAN in the US].

Americans were told that the crisis was caused by the failure of America's free-enterprise system. It was a lie. The crisis was caused by the Federal Reserve, which was a socialist institution. But it was a lie that Americans believed because [Ron: 'wall to wall' JOO controlled MSM propaganda created] in their minds, [Ron: the idea that] the Federal Reserve had become a part of America's free-enterprise system.

[Ron: Arguably most USans were constrained by povety and hardship and the government's exercise of its monopoly on the use of force and violence to accept whatever President Roosevelt's government did during the Great Depression. Also, the Rockefeller banksters and their fascist corporate associates controlled the press which propagandised the population into accepting the Federal government's socialist welfare arrangements. Even so some seven million USans are said to have starved to death during the unnecessarily prolonged Great Depression the effects of which did not cease until the banksters eased their constriction on the 'money' supply in order to finance the US war effort in WWII. See eg: Famine killed 7 million people in USA -].

The Franklin Roosevelt administration used the [Ron: bankster created] crisis to destroy the monetary system on which America had been established - the gold-coin, silver-coin standard. Roosevelt replaced that system with a pure paper-money system, one in which federal debt instruments would no longer be redeemable. The money became promises to pay nothing.

[Ron: This author misdirects the reader by failing to mention that the banksters forced Roosevelt to destroy the US gold and silver backed money system and to replace it with paper debt instruments namely Federal Reserve Notes (fiat debt tokens) that were no longer redeemable for gold. Pretending that Roosevelt chose those changes; and to confiscate the gold held by private citizens while secretly contracting to enslave the US population to satisfy the US corporation's debts in the bankruptcy is a bit disingenuous.].

Over time, the Fed began expanding the paper money to fund the ever-increasing expenditures for welfare and warfare. All that "bad money" would ultimately drive out of circulation the "good money" that the Constitution had established.

As the system became wash with paper money, the booms and busts that monetary manipulation caused would become a standard part of American life. The economic bubbles and deep recessions were said to be a part of America's "free-enterprise system."

[Ron: Whereas the economic bubble, boom/bust economy was and is the direct and deliberate result of the usurious fiat debt token pseudo money system created by the banksters and foisted upon the US governments and people.].

Over the decades the Fed became a principal way for federal officials to plunder and loot people through monetary debasement and devaluation. Public officials would spend and borrow to finance their ever-burgeoning welfare-warfare programs, knowing that the Fed would cover their debts by essentially printing the money to pay for them. The losers would be the American people, whose money would be constantly devalued over the decades.

The best part of the Fed system, from the standpoint of public officials, was that many people would not realize that the Fed was behind the monetary debasement that was looting them. When prices would rise across society, people would blame it on rapacious businessmen, not realizing that the price rises were actually just the manifestation of Federal Reserve destruction of the value of money.

A necessary prerequisite to establishing a free and prosperous society is a free-market monetary system, one in which there is a total separation of money and the state. That necessarily means bringing the Fed and its system of socialist central planning to an end.

[Ron: I agree that the Fed must be abolished BUT arguably it is not possible or desireable for money creation and currency emission to be divorced from community control. The current problem is that the Fed is privately owned and controlled and is legally seperate from control by the US government and US citizens. THAT is why the US and global monetary system is sooo completely dysfunctional and out of control. In the future nations (however described) must closely monitor, control and audit the creation and distribution of money (however described) so that the excesses perpetrated by today's private corporate monetary controllers can never be repeated.

IF humans on this planet want  to continue accepting the money meme and using money it is essential that the proper use of money as a tool for the facilitation of infrastructure creation and for the exchange of goods and services is rightly understood. The money creation and distribution mechanisms employed need to ensure that money ceases to be a store of value that can be hoarded and used to manipulate and control or enslave others. That means eliminating usury and giving currency emissions a 'use by date' that will effectively act as a negative interest rate.].

[Colour fonts, bolding and comments in square brackets added.],


How Venice Rigged The First, and Worst, Global Financial Collapse -


Venetian Black Nobility, Roots of Today’s Ruling Oligarchy -

Black Guelph Evil Nobility by LaRouche -

The Venetian Black Nobility – A History -

Venetian Black Nobility, Roots of Today’s Ruling Oligarchy -

Joseph P. Farrell: Financial Vipers of Venice [Part1] -

Famine killed 7 million people in USA -

Researcher: Famine Killed 7 Million in U.S. During “Great Depression” -

General Smedley Butler: The US Business Plot in 1933 -

It’s Happening, [CB] Structure Change Coming - Episode 2028a -

Doug Casey Debunks Four Myths About Trump, Taxes, & The Economy -

The State as a Business and Incentive Structure -

Universal Basic Income Is Easier Than It Looks

Endless Government Free Money

Can We Do Without Money ?

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©2005-2022 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

Detailed explanation of AbundantHope's Copyrights are found here

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