The term mantle has several meanings in your language. Yet the mantle I refer for your understanding is the piece of clothing or garment which is a covering worn over other clothing. One can attire oneself with a mantle for various reasons peculiar to the need at a particular time. A mantle can be placed on and removed at will.

The mantle I refer to is not strictly in accord with human understanding. I bring a higher understanding that you may appreciate the nature of this piece as to what it means to wear the Mantle of Christ. The Mantle of Christ is a symbol. In itself it represents a resurgence of divine energy to be manifested in physical form. A metaphor divinely inspired by the natural instinct of children to reflect the character of their Father. 

Before a choice can be made to wear the Mantle an understanding in required of what creates the symbolic mantle and its nature. Simply, the nature of Christ is imaged in the Mantle of Christ. I shall discourse on this shortly but first you must consider what qualifies you to wear this mantle. My little ones you do not require contemporary schooling to teach you this. You will be filled with the knowing required to graduate to that plane where you would wish to choose the mantle when you begin as a child would. Simply in humility and trust open you hands, heart and mind to the Father that He may fill you with righteous knowing. You have heard before that to enter the kingdom you must become like a child again. Well to achieve the disciplines of higher consciousness you must become like a child again and remain as a child would, totally open and believing that the Father knows best and will guide you always on the pathway to achieving spiritual success in your mortal incarnation. The Father does not wish HIS child to assume the Father’s personality, merely HIS divine character. Before you can choose to wear the symbolic mantle you must redeem yourself in the light of the Father and attain HIS characteristics.

When you choose the mantle of Christ it must be worn with honour and solemnity. You do not lose yourself or your identity when you wear this mantle but you send out a message to the world that you are as HE IS. Yes indeed the same as I AM THAT I AM. You wear your identity fearlessly.

To further elaborate on the mantle, I clarify that it is not an actual piece of clothing which by now you ones will understand; but a seasoned light which embarks from the Paradise Father. Consider this mantle to be a vest of virtues, a mosaic of divine qualities and impersonal attributes purely centred in its essential Source. It bears an incomparable radiance, is simple in texture yet enriched by its own energetic display of balance; and empowered through the authentic certainty with which it is portrayed. Its beauteous tapestry weaves the fruits of the spirit as precious stones in the crown of the Father’s eternalness. 

The mantle is the Christ construct or a thought construct of the Christ consciousness which all men must eventually attain. The availability of this mantle is determined by the progress of ones spiritual growth. One will know when he/she is ready to assume the much coveted mantle. I say much coveted as those who are on a spiritual path will know that the goal is always oneness with God or return to the Source ands the assumption of this mantle is a bold statement that one has freely chosen to serve the will of God and to be aligned with the highest divine order. Readiness to assume the mantle will hinge on preparedness and the ability to make oneself spiritually groomed for this honour. 

Before man can think of the Mantle, there is called for, an understanding which bridges the gap between human perception and immortal knowing. Man is required to shed the old ways of thinking through his dominant ego mind and seek to relinquish to the light of his spirit that which does not serve his soul’s evolution. He who chooses the mantle aspires to the greatness of his soul. He seeks the consciousness of Christ and this readies him to assume the mantle. The motivation of man to choose the mantle primarily rests on his intention to live within the Christ light and to effectuate the truth of God through service.

When one is ready to adorn the Mantle, he is holding himself out to the world as a spiritual gladiator who embarks on the battlefield of life to do God’s work. He is armed with divine truth which has become enshrined through communion in his mortal heart. He wields the sword of wisdom and offers the hand of compassion, mercy, forgiveness and love to his enemies in battle as he intelligently recognises the light of God in all men. He has long left his prejudices and fear behind in the healing light of his spirit and he goes forward as a true representative of God. 

The abstruse concept of Mantle is in itself decorative as it is embellished with the virtuous light of the divine. There is however no ceremony attached to the Mantle; albeit he who chooses to wear it carries the responsibility of a renowned state of being and must live in accordance with his assumed and expected responsibilities. 

The Mantle of Christ must be worn effectively in alignment with the Christ within. It requires determination and deep spiritual insight, a predilection for perfection in service, complete dedication and uncompromising loyalty to the Father’s will.

Some may say that it is a heavy burden. Man may be doubtful as to his ability to assume what appears to be a weighty construct. Yet all men will in time choose the divine mantle. For all men are sons of God and carry the Christ light within. The Christ light cannot forever be buried under the weight of the density of the flesh and the limitations of human understanding. It craves freedom. It is of course your individual choice as to when you set yourself free; for never will the Father interfere with your free will; simply proffer gentle encouragement. I will say however my children that the pain and suffering of awaiting your freedom lies with you as you must choose the hour of your freedom. I cannot free you; I can only give to you the tools being the lessons and I have bequeathed these to you from generations past to present in many ways through many ones. 

Many have in the past taken on the mantle with great love and spiritual intent but an inability to understand the greater truth. Yet it is true that today the possibilities for illumination is greater and many are with courage choosing the Mantle and seeking the guidance of the Christ within as to the wearing of this mantle and discharging in the human world obligations assumed in the light of spirit. 

There is a greater recognition asserting itself in the hearts and mind of men during these precipitous times; that perhaps the better way is the way of the light. A greater alignment is taking place within individuals which now motivates them to pursue their divine purpose. 

Do you see my beloveds that Christ is not a title or a name but an ordination bestowed upon those who choose the will of the Paradise Father and who have attain a level of God consciousness or awareness which marks their incarnation. You will choose HIS will when you come to know HIM as the living spirit of divinity within you. For whom amongst you do not wish to know the truth of your origin and nature? You spend your life seeking truth and you explore myriad possibilities s of discovering who you are and your purpose in life. Yet all you need to do is to look within and call upon the spirit of truth which I destined to you. An ardent seeker will always receive a response. 

Cultivating an intimate relationship with the spirit of God within will be the most rewarding and fulfilling relationship you will ever experience in any lifetime. Discovery of the God within is the beginning of self discovery which will inevitably propel you toward your homeland Paradise. 

Beloved children of the light, the Mantle of Christ is your true nature, the epitome of all God represents. Wearing the mantle affords you opportunities to assert your mastery. It is in essence the light of God. When you wear this Mantle, it covers nothing as a mantle of clothing will- it in fact reveals ALL- being the God in You. 

Christ Michael