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    Dear friends; I have been asked to set up a situation similar to that of Candace's recent session with Mantustia. This means that this is an ongoing thread where you can place your questions, and I will place Seraphin's answers here once a bunch of questions has been posed. This is LIVE in the sense that the response will appear quickly once the question is read, but not live in the sense that the questioners will access answers immediately, as I might not be online at their time of posting. If there is that requirement/wish, I will of course also do a live session and set a time for that. The visuals I received asking which process would be best here, suggested that this gradual way was the best way to start.

    So: those who are familiar with Seraphin will know that he is of the angelic Seraphim order and that he has been accompanying me for the last few years. He is also member of a team working on spiritual uplift through the arts. His main concern is teaching ways of uplifting consciousness on the planet, making us aware of our negative responses and behavioural patterns, encouraging us to discern and to change, in face of the great challenges before us, so that we may rise and fulfill the tasks which we are designed for according to our divine blueprint. He is not concerned with evacuation procedures or galactic management at this time, as I understand it, so such questions should be asked elsewhere. It is our own individual, unique and very personal development which concerns him at this time, and if everyone involves themselves in this development, the synergy effect will result in paradise on earth. So if you have any questions relating to this, he will be happy to reply.

    As this is a teaching opportunity, please state you questions clearly and succinctly in a way which everyone can understand, even those unaccustomed to abundanthope / Urantia Book / Phoenix journal etc. terminology. Attempts to disrail the thread through inappropriate questions / postings will be deleted. With gratitude, Rosie

    Older Seraphin messages can be found under the Seraphin website:
    and the more recent messages can be found here on the TALK IT UP FORUM



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